Riding Tall

There was a time I would say try me

Never afraid of being bucked down

Long trotting horses could set me free

Despite how it made my husband frown


But time went on and the babies came

Promising I wouldn’t safety up

And although I refused to be tame

I’d lost that adventure of a pup


One compromise and then another

A branding season without a hope

My first job was being a mother

Obligations came before my rope


My former glory all but forgot

When I rode big horses and nice spades

Pride in things that could never be bought

Where love and time were supporting aids



Now I yearn for both of my sons to know

The title mom isn’t my bio

How deep and wild my passion flows

How trotting out still makes my heart glow


Will they see the sacrifice I made

Or just a desperate clinging attempt

To hang onto the life I portrayed

Or worse, think that they were my contempt?


I’d trade every single day a horseback

I’ve ever had to do this again

Sell every bit of silver and tack

For a chance that they’d become great men


Nah, I guess I haven’t lost my nerve

Just reprioritized things is all

For it’s a privilege to get to serve

As mom when my boys are riding tall




June 23, 2017


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