Ranching: A Family Affair

When my grandparents bought our ranch, more than seven decades ago, they started with two kids, 13 cows, and one heck of a dream. With a lot of hard work, perseverance, and a good deal of patience, my family has been able to create quite the legacy; and I’m so very fortunate that my Husband and I are the two people who get to further my grandparent’s dream for another generation.



As a rancher, it is common knowledge that no two days are alike, yet there is one continual thread that keeps my days connected. Everything I do is done with one thing in mind--pride. Not only do I owe that to those who’ve come before me to make our ranch into what it is today, but I feel as though I owe that to those who are consuming my product, as well.


For me, it’s not enough to sell an 800-pound steer and know that he’ll be able to feed a lot of people; because in my mind there is far more to life than simply the end result. I want someone to be able to sit down to a steak or hamburger from our ranch, and know that pride touched every single aspect of that animal’s life. From raising our animals in quality facilities, to growing the best crops that will be utilized as feed, quickly taking care of something if it’s sick, handling our animals in a low-stress environment; all of those aspects and so many more, play into being able to provide a quality product. Yes, there are other things I could be doing with my day instead of spraying the weeds down the driveway to our ranch, or pressure-washing cobwebs off our barn; but taking pride in all things, big or small, is of the utmost importance.


This day and age, it seems as though quality products are fewer and far between, which tells me there’s a lack of pride present in our society. Why work hard to create something if you can’t be proud of the entire process and it’s result?



When I throw on a piece of Kimes Ranch clothing and walk out the door, it’s comforting to know that I’m supporting a company who takes just as much pride in their work, as I do in mine. Pick up a pair of Kimes Ranch jeans, and one can instantly see all the work and thoughtfulness that has gone into their production. From the different kinds of stitching and thread types used, to all the work that has gone into developing different fits and styles, all the way down to the hems, belt loops, and rivets, it is very clear to see that no detail has been left out.


The entire Kimes Ranch team has managed to produce a quality product, and I’m left with the sense that they take as much pride in their denim, as I do in my cattle; which is a comforting feeling, to say the least. Finding a quality pair of denim that I can be proud to wear has been no easy feat, but I’ve found my favorite in Kimes.


-Jessie Jarvis


Lifestyle, Style

August 31, 2017


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