PBR, PRCA, And The RFD-TV The American

Stands for, Professional Bull Riding.

This past weekend, the PBR made a stop in St. Louis.
There were a lot of new faces on this stop that I was SUPER excited to see.
One of them being Nevada Newman. Nevada is from Montana, and I just so happen to live in Montana. 

Nevada didn't just show up and ride his bulls. Nevada ended up winning Round 1 with a total of 88.25 Points on Ante Up!


Nevada ALSO rode the biggest bull going in the PBR right now, Mississipppi Hippy! Check out this action packed video below: 

Video Courtesy of PBR.

JB Mauney Won Round 2 AND the 15/15 Bucking Battle. J.B. Mauney is currently in second in the PBR world standings.

Shane Proctor took the win in ROUND 3 with 88.75 points on Shoot Out The Lights!

The PBR'S Next stop is the Kansas City Clash in Kansas City, Mo. More info, can be found here: http://pbr.com/en/bfts/schedule/2016/2016-kansas-city.aspx

PRCA Pro Rodeo

Mississippi, Florida, Texas, Wyoming, and so on.. The PRCA was all over the map this past weekend. Some riders had the chance to ride in sunny weather, and the others.. Well, not so much. Check out what riders won below, and see whose leading the pack in the PRCA ProRodeo standings: 

Lakeside, Fla

Bareback Riding - Delvecchio Kaye, 84 points on Painted Pony Championship Rodeo's George's Bad Cat
Steer Wrestling - Gary Gilbert, 4.2 seconds, $1,370
Team Roping - Jacob Dagenhart/Caleb Anderson, 4.2 seconds
Saddle Bronc Riding - Gus Thoreson, 78 points on Painted Pony Championship Rodeo's Trashy Trevor
Tie-Down Roping - Justin Thigpen, 8.9 seconds
Barrel Racing - Kristin Hanchey, 15.42 seconds
Bull Riding - Michael Riggs Jr., 83 points on Painted Pony Championship Rodeo's Blue Canyon

Above are the results from the Lakeside, Fla PRCA ProRodeo. The events in Texas are still going on. As soon as I get the end results I will share them with you all. Same goes for Mississippi! 

PRCA ProProdeo Standings

Bareback Riding 
1 - Tim O'Connell
2 - Jake Brown
3 - Caleb Bennett
4 - Orin Larsen
5 - Tanner Aus

Steer Wrestling
1 - Ty Erickson
2 - Tyler Waguespack
3 - Matt Reeves
4 - Brad Johnson
5 - Jason Thomas

Team Roping ( Headers )
1 - Clay Smith
2 - Matt Sherwood
3 - Joel Bach
4 - Tyler Wade
5 - Rowdy Rieken

Team Roping ( Heelers ) 
1 - Paul Eaves
2 - Quinn Kesler
3 - Kinney Harrell
4 - B.J. Dugger
5 - Wesley Thorp

Saddle Bronc Riding
1 - Jacobs Crawley
2 - Jake Wright
3 - CoBurn Bradshaw
4 - Sam Spreadborough
5 - Dalton Davis

Tie-Down Roping
1 - Ryle Smith
2 - Riley Pruitt
3 - Ryan Watkins
4 - Justin Macha
5 - Jerrad Hofstetter

Barrel Racing
1 - Ivy Conrado
2 - Mary Burger
3 - Megan Swint
4 - Kelly Tovar
5 - Michele McLeod

Bull Riding
1 - Trevor Kastner
2 - Joe Frost
3 - Lon Danley
4 - Rorey Maier
5 - Garrett Tribble

Those are the CURRENT PRCA ProRodeo standings! 

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That's a wrap for this weeks blog post. I will see you all again next week!

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