Patched Out

Whether you’re riding your horse, mucking stalls in the barn, or going out with friends, patches should be a part of your every day fashion.

With a few supplies and 5 minutes, you can have your own patched-out piece of clothing.






Here’s what you need:




After you have everything you need, here’s the process:

  1. Heat up your iron. A regular cotton setting gets the job done just fine.
  2. Lay out your clothing item on your ironing board.
  3. Put your patches on your clothing item.
  4. Play around. Do you prefer your patches to be lined up perfectly? Or do you like the scattered look? There’s really no wrong way.
  5. When you find the perfect place for your patches, press your hot iron on the embroidered side for one minute. Make sure to apply heat and pressure to the edges of the patches.
  6. Lift your iron and repeat the process for every patch.
  7. Let your patches cool.
  8. Wear and enjoy!


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