Manic Mondays at Kimes Ranch

People often ask me, "what it is like to own Kimes Ranch Apparel?"  I usually come up with some brilliant answer and tell the folks what they think they want to hear.
Well, I'm hear today to break my silence and tell the truth!  Owning a jean company is, well, pretty normal really!

My day begins like yours I'm sure.

When I wake up in the morning, the first think I do (I know this is horrible) is check my emails, Facebook and reddit.  I can't help it.  I am addicted to my iPad and my iPhone.
Once I finish responding to any pressing emails from the east coast, I lean over and kiss Mr.Kimes good morning.
Our son, Jack, climbs into bed with us about 5 am every morning, I usually gaze at him for a few moments and appreciate how fast time flies, as he is 4 1/2 and it seems like only yesterday he was born.
My daughter, Katherine, sleeps soundly in her room.  After she wakes, she then hollers like a hillbilly, "I need something to eat" and my morning begins.
My children are eating me out of house and home, and they are not even in school yet.  So, I head to the kitchen, sneak my first cup of coffee, and begin breakfast.
Morning in our household is usually full of devious laughter and screaming as my children begin destroying everything I put back together after they went to bed the night before.  

Mr. Kimes and I stuff the kids into their clothes and grab a snack for the road and out the door we go.
Monday thru Wednesday my children are at a lovely daycare with some of their closest friends.  We take them in, and head back to the ranch.  Kimes Ranch headquarters is based on our humble abode right here in Rio Verde, Arizona.  We have a separate office on the opposite end of where we live.  We are lucky enough to share this piece of land with my in-laws (built in babysitters) and soon to be my folks (sorry Mr. Kimes).  
Thursdays my children usually spend the day with a Mimi (grandma) and Mr. Kimes and I spend the day in the office building our empire.
Fridays I like to say I am lucky enough to work from within my home, on my trusty iPad, spending the day with my peaceful children.  But, I'm sure all you other moms know this never goes as planned!  Something catastrophic usually happens on Friday and I haul my children up to the office where Mr. Kimes and I productively work and our children productively destroy our work environment.  We really do have it all folks!   

Kimes Ranch is not just a business based on selling an item to the consumer. It is a lifestyle based on family and values.  We believe that family and life at home is the start to ones happiness.  If your not happy there, where can you be happy.  While we like to put on this amazing facade of having our act together and being so efficient at our respective jobs, Mr. Kimes and I face the same daily tasks that every other parent in this great country do.  But, the good news is, I fool a lot of people into thinking I do it so effortlessly!



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