Kimes Ranch Partners with Riata Buckle as The Official Apparel Brand

Kimes Ranch is thrilled to announce a brand-new partnership with the innovative team roping stallion incentive program, Riata Buckle. Kimes Ranch will serve as the official apparel and cap sponsor for Riata Buckle, further upholding their steadfast commitment to the growth of the western lifestyle and the program’s budding influence on the rope horse breed.

The Riata Buckle program is designed to be a game-changer for the roping industry. By supporting stallion owners and breeders with a valuable marketing platform, Riata Buckle incentivizes the breeding of elite rope horses. Riata Buckle fosters a collaborative environment within the team roping community, connecting stallion owners, mare owners, breeders, and ropers, creating a bridge amongst these networks that benefits everyone involved. This builds a promising future for the sport, and provides ropers of all levels with exceptional horses available to win more money than ever before seen in the roping futurity world. The inclusivity of the Riata Buckle program parallels the values of the Kimes Ranch brand.

A brand synonymous with western legacy and quality is an ideal partner for Riata Buckle, as they aim to leave a legacy of their own. This Kimes Ranch partnership invigorates future events, horse sales and incentive programs of the Riata Buckle. Their commitment to providing top-of-the-line western apparel aligns with Riata Buckle's dedication to instilling top-of-the-line genetics within the team roping industry. Both share a deep respect for tradition and a passion for innovation, making this collaboration a natural fit. With Riata Buckle's dedication to elevating the industry’s bloodline and Kimes Ranch's provision of exceptional western wear to the sport we know and love, the future of the roping industry looks brighter than ever. 

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