Kimes Ranch Jeans 2016 Rodeo Sponsorship Contest

Everyone dreams of being a rodeo Cowboy and Cowgirl. So many people want to live that lifestyle of going up and down that rodeo trail everyday. But do they really know what it's like? 

The rodeo trail is tough, tiring, and very VERY testing! The rodeo trail tests your bank account, the rodeo trail tests your strengths and weaknesses. Not to mention, it tests how organized you are if you plan on hitting more than one rodeo a day which could be VERY challenging!! 

I'm here to give you guys the inside scoop on my AMAZING sponsor, Kimes Ranch Jeans and how they help rodeo cowboys and cowgirls get down the trail! So here is the inside scoop.. Did you know that KRJ does a contest every year for the rodeo cowboys and cowgirls in the states?! It is true!! KRJ - Just posted the entry form for the 2016 Sponsorship contest!! The winner received a $500.00 gas card, year supply of American made KRJ, and has the opportunity to be the poster boy / girl for KRJ in 2016!! 

Now I know all of you rodeo athletes go through clothes like no tomorrow.. Especially if you're on the rodeo trail months at a time, and you have no where to wash your clothes. Why not start a new trend by wearing Kimes Ranch Jeans that are made in the US and you only have to wash these jeans a couple times a month? You may think I'm crazy for saying that.. But these jeans are AMAZING heavy duty working jeans that stay fit till the end. 


If you or know of someone that would like to see the entry form for the 2016 KRJ Sponsorship contest please see the link below::

I'm looking forward to reading everyone's entry's and our goal for this year Is to get as many entries in as possible from different rodeo/bull ridings in the states! Good luck to all of the contestants and I hope you all shine bright!

P.S. In case you all are wondering who the rodeo Cowboy is in the pictures.. His name is, Brandon Davis and he is the 2015 KRJ Sponsorship Winner! Feel free, to follow Brandon on Twitter here:

Paige Gregory
Owner and Founder of RodeoChat
Cookeville, TN


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