Kimes Ranch - Goodbye 2023!

   As the dust settles on another whirlwind year, we at Kimes Ranch Jeans welcome this new year to be as bold and extraordinary as our denim. 2023 wasn't just another twelve months; it was an abundance of milestones, triumphs, and moments that cemented Kimes Ranch as more than just a brand, but a family, a community, a lifestyle.

   We started with a goal to provide hardworking ranchers and horsemen and horsewomen, alike, with gear that stood up to their toughest days. By the end, Kimes Ranch was able to incorporate comfort, durability, and style all in one. We saw the faces of our customers light up at horse shows and rodeo events across the country, including the Kimes Ranch Western Derby in sunny Scottsdale, and within the glitz and grit of the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. 2023 brought the brand six NFR qualifiers, and three round wins.  

   The 2023 year brought some flourishing additions to our brand. The Fort Worth store was given a new look to match our ever-growing state of mind. In our home state of Arizona, we opened a grand warehouse in Glendale, and a beautiful shop at Kierland Marketplace in the perfect spot. Securing the Kimes Ranch Student-Athlete team ensured involvement across the future of western disciplines: the young athletes. These legacies of the western industry mirror the same values, talent, and ambition as our professional endorsees of the #KRJFamily, who span across rodeo and performance horse disciplines. We take pride in our athletes, and are grateful for their trust in us. 

   We are thrilled to have been a part of life’s greatest moments for our customers - in the winner’s circle, out on the town, hand-crafting a legacy, working towards a dream, and so on. As we saddle up for 2024, we do so with hearts full of appreciation for our Kimes Ranch family. For the workers who wear our jeans with sweat and pride, for the fashion-forward, who embraces the western spirit we uphold to our core, for the partners who share our principles, and for the communities we've had the privilege of working with. We encourage you all to Live Your Western. Whether you are an avid outdoorsman, the hardest worker around, a trendsetter, or a classic horseman, “your” western is a valuable, self-governing lifestyle. To live bravely doing the things you want. The New Year stretches before us openly, full of possibility and promise. We at Kimes Ranch Jeans are ready to innovate, to ride, and to keep weaving the stories of hard work, resilience, and community into every pair of jeans we craft. Happy New Year from Kimes Ranch Jeans! Cheers!

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