Kimes In Calgary

Since 1912, the Calgary Stampede really is the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth! This iconic Canadian rodeo brings together western hospitality, Native heritage, and one heck of a good time jam packed into ten exciting days of rodeo. Being an invitational performance, the Stampede hosts some of the best rodeo athletes from across Canada and the United States, all competing for a purse of over $2 Million in prize money!



Attending the Calgary Stampede as a spectator is guaranteed to bring a fun filled day; from chuck wagon races, rodeo performance, Indian races, and carnival rides along the Calgary skyline, there is entertainment for everyone young and old alike. Attending Stampede with a contestant includes all this, and has its bonus perks too—I love getting to see firsthand the style choices of the rodeo wives, girlfriends, and relatives. The contestant hospitality tent is like being back stage at a Ralph Lauren fashion show; all the leather, fringe and turquoise you can dream of! However, this trip to Calgary was about more than getting dressed all pretty to watch a bunch of cowboys ride around on their ponies. Living the rodeo lifestyle comes with its hard work and dedication to your equine athletes. Join me as I walk through a typical day in the life of a professional barrel racer, and the efforts it takes to be a top-notch rodeo hand.



Mornings are spent exercising, and I don’t mean tying up your sneakers and hitting the treadmill. It’s important to get your horses moving after a long night’s rest. Contestants are allotted a designated time to utilize the arena in the morning in order to get their horses accumulated to the ground conditions and set your starting point from where you want to run from the gate. When the warm weather hits early in the day, it is just as crucial to keep yourself comfortable, along with your equines. The Betty 17’s are my go-to riding jeans, bringing both style and stretch, and these paired perfectly with one of my favorite graphic tees. This combination made for an excellent morning of focus and riding fun!


Tee: The Coyote Cowgirl


Jeans: Kimes Betty 17’s



The rodeo life isn’t all fun and games. Chore time calls for some comfort and functionality. Calgary is infamous for its thunderstorms, and cleaning stalls in the rain is to be expected. When I knew I had some dirty work ahead of me, I choose to keep my look simple and effortless with a classic baseball tee and ball cap to match. There is no point to get glamorous for the horse barn, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like you just rolled out of bed (raise your hand if you are guilty of wearing your pajama’s out to feed). Cover up that bed head with a ball cap, which also doubles as a hood, and don’t forget your pitchfork!


Cap: Kimes Felt Good Hat


Tee: KimesBaseballer-T



Rodeo time means western dress code attire. What’s a more fitting way to style these Betty 17’s at the Calgary Stampede than in a classic Canadian Tuxedo! Denim on denim has always been a favorite look of mine on both men and women. I prefer to pair darker wash bottoms with a lighter wash top to create some contrast. Complete this arena ready look by adding a fun print wild rag and your favorite lid! This look will give you the confidence you need to compete in style!


Hat: Warbonnet Hat Works


Wildrag: WhipinWildrags


Jeans: Kimes Betty 17’s


July 13, 2017


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