Get with the Times; Buy Some Kimes!

7 Reasons why you should buy some Kimes Ranch Jeans

1.   Made in the USA! There are not many western companies out there that can say that. Your hard earned money stays here and helps grow our economy.

2.   Quality: Kimes Ranch Jeans use only the highest quality denim. Matt Kimes studies denim, hours and hours go into the base material of the product. 

3.   Made by Cowboys for Cowboys: Kimes Ranch Jeans are designed by the Kimes Ranch Family out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Well decorated NRHA and AQHA riders, Matt and Amanda Kimes know how it feels to wear jeans all day long and that shows in their design. They make the “hard to find sizes” for the string bean cowboy in your life and offer many inseam lengths to keep you leggy cowgirls covered.

4.   Support of the Western Way of Life: Kimes Ranch takes pride in the fact that they are western uncomplicated. Get on their website watch the videos! Actual horseman are featured in their advertising they support real trainers and real rodeo athletes. NRHA and NRCHA trainers, top AQHA professionals,  bull riders, they have them all and they support them all.

5.   Attention to Detail: From the buttons to the color of thread. Every detail is carefully planned out and thought through. Men’s jeans feature knife pockets and women’s jeans have a little extra around the hips to allow more room when you are riding or sitting. All jeans feature a slightly smaller boot opening to keep jeans from dragging the floor when you aren’t wearing spurs. 



6.   They aren’t afraid to try new things: In other words, they aren’t afraid to fail. They’ve changed their name from Longhorn Jean Company to LJC Apparel, to Lone Horn a total of 3 changes before settling on Kimes Ranch Apparel. 

Instead of jumping on the trend band wagon, they went back to their roots and created a jean that is truly uncomplicated, something that they wanted to wear and went missing from the market. Offering a mid-rise jean for women in a market where is simply went missing, and tailoring their hoodies to female figure.

7.    Feedback is important: Don’t like something? Tell them! In every sense of the way they have you in mind. 

If you have any questions about the jeans or the company, please don’t hesitate to contact me via social media. I love this company and the culture it represents.

- Paige Morgan
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