Cupid is Coming in Hot!

Can you believe that Valentine's Day is almost here?! Ya me either. But Cupid is coming whether we are ready for him or not. So let's talk about what you're going to wear on that special date. Do you wear that super sexy black dress? Do you wear that cute pink top with some skinny jeans and wedges? Or do you go straight for that outfit with pops of red? Is it casual or dressed up? So many options, how do we choose?! Here are some thoughts to think about when picking out that outfit for your perfect Valentine's date.


Red is one of the traditional colors of Valentine's Day, but what do we portray when we throw on this super sexy color. Well, red is the color of extremes. It represents passionate love, adventure, danger and desire. It is known for increasing respiration rate and blood pressure. Holy cow that is a powerful color! So you want to get your date's heart rate pumping and looking for some adventure throw those seductive pops of red in your outfit and work it!



Another color associated with Valentine's day is the many shades of pink. Now I know this is not our go to date night color but let's dig into it and see what we can do with this fun shades of pink. This color is the universal color of loving oneself and others. It represents playfulness, charm, compassion, love, and sweetness. This is such a fun color so bring out the fun and playfulness on your date and take those shades of pink and mix em in. Show them that you are super sweet and are caring of their presence. Your date may just go googly eyes for it.



Lastly the color black. Now this color is usually not associated with Valentine's Day but how many of us go right to our perfect black date dress? I mean, I know I have one. So what does it really portray? Well black represents power, mystery, strength and seriousness. It is also sometimes connected with elegance and sophistication. Whew! I don't know about you but that color just blew me right out of the water. So if you want to throw a little power and mysteriousness into that date go to your closet and pull out that sexy black date outfit and rock it!

So many options and choices it can be hard to choose, but remember you can always mix them together to create the perfect Valentine's date attire. Get a little passionate red, mysterious black or playful pink and you will surely have your dates eyes on you and you only. So what will you be wearing when Cupid hits you with his love arrow?


- Tayler Bradley

Photo Credit: Madi Wagner Photography


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