Behind Each Of Us, There’s An Army That Makes It All Possible


Whether you are a horse trainer, an assistant horse trainer, a groom, an amateur, a tradeshow vendor at horse shows, a judge, an announcer…life will eventually take you on the road and away from home. For most people, it will take us away from home more often than we are home. One of those moments when you wonder why you pay rent or a mortgage for a house that you hardly ever sleep in. I know more recently than not it happens to me! Also, when we leave home we generally take our work load at home and leave it to another person, whether that be a significant other, a parent, a sibling, a caretaker, or a friend.


This week I wanted to give everyone a reminder to thank those who make our dreams possible, but also give you a few ideas on ways to thank them. One of the most obvious examples, is horse trainers, when they leave the property for a show, there are horses and generally dogs left at the ranch as well as the horses and dogs that are headed to the show. There has to be a small army to take care of the ranch back home, and a small army to prep and care for the horses that are going to the show. The road is a great place and where for most of us, we lay the building blocks for our dreams. However, never forget where you came from, and who is holding the fort together at home.


In my life, when I head out on the road, I leave behind three horses, two dogs and a cat that swears up and down she’s the third dog! My parents and a significant other, are the ones who pick up all the slack when I leave. They make sure everyone has a roof over their heads and meals in their bellies. And try as they might deny it, I know that my kids are well loved when I am gone. When I leave home, I generally try to make sure that everyone’s food bin is full, and the important parties know that I am traveling, i.e. the vet and farrier. I do the little things to try to make the transition of me leaving easier and not leave a mess behind! For those significant others, family members or siblings, simple things like a thank you card can really show someone how much you appreciate everything they do. Because in the reality of it all, if those at home did not support us, we could not leave home and pursue our dreams.


“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives”-John F. Kennedy


-Emily Bomgardner



February 28, 2017

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