APHA World Show Fever

The time has come for the APHA World Championship Show for the open and amateur exhibitors. This is the first year it has returned to September instead of November. The 2017 show will take place from September 20 – October 1.


For most events, horses must qualify based on participation at a minimum of four APHA-approved shows, showing to at least eight judges, during the qualifying period. Horses competing only in select disciplines—cutting, cow horse, sorting, roping, goat tying, speed events and over fences—are only required to compete at two APHA events instead of four.




Horses being shown in the following classes are not required to qualify due to time restraints and the age of the horses: weanling and yearling halter, yearling longe line and yearling in-hand trail, 2- and 3-year-old performance horses, and 4-year-old speed event horses. Horses competing in specialty classes—challenges, sweepstakes (except PBRIP), and futurity events—are also not required to qualify unless they plan to also enter regular classes.


Check out full qualifying details at apha.com/oawcs/qualifiers. If you have any additional questions about qualifying or the special events at the APHA World Show you can find information on the APHA website.




We want to say good luck to all the exhibitors and a special shout out to our endorsees Austin Gooding and Wade Parks. We hope y’all have a fantastic world show and feel great wearing your Kimes Ranch Jeans!


Photos courtesy of The Paint Horse Journal, APHA, The Equine Chronicle, and GoHorseShow.










~ Courtney Hall

September 20, 2017


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