A Guide to Leg Openings

With each budding fashion trend comes a shift in preference. This is especially true of jean leg openings. From skinny to flare, each style of Kimes Ranch jeans offers the perfect fit for every customer. Let me break it down for you. 

First, we have the Betty. The Betty is known for its versatility. This classic has a modified boot opening, allowing for them to be tucked in or left out. Plus, the Betty style also comes in Betty Black and Betty 17 to add even more options to your wardrobe!


If you’re feeling the flare, then Jolene and Jennifer are the ones for you! These styles have a wide flare that is sure to make an entrance.




The Alex is our favorite boyfriend jean. Relaxed from top to bottom, this style doesn’t have a distinguished leg opening, letting the entire outfit do the talking. Rolled up or left down, it’s hard to go wrong with the Alex.

Looking for the perfect pair of skinny jeans? We’ve got ‘em! The Bonnie seamlessly connects the trendiness of skinny jeans with the basic needs of a rider, making them the ideal option in and out of the arena. Best of all, this style comes in many different options—the Bonnie Slick, Bonnie Shred, Bonnie Acid, and Distressed Bonnie. These additions are sure to shake up any outfit.

Needing a vintage flare that tops them all? The Lola is your girl. This trouser jean adds just the right amount of vintage and we just can’t get enough. This style also comes in the Lola Soho Fade to add even more versatility.

We are proud to have such a variety of options to choose from and love the individuality that each style allows for its wearer. No matter your style, we have an option that you are sure to love. Leg opening statements have become one of our favorite trends and our options reflect that. Stop by our website to see for yourself! 

Halle Morrell

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