10 Things Every Good Cowboy Needs

Most of us know a great cowboy, or maybe even a cowboy-gal! We also know that these people all have something in common, that one thing they never leave home without! While these items may vary, these are all items most cowboys don’t leave home without!

01. A good horse - if you’ve ridden enough horses in your day, you know that a handy horse can make the difference between a quick and smooth day and a day that will make you question your sanity REAL QUICK.

02. A good cowdog - a good working dog is worth their weight in gold!

03.  A rope - they’re not just for looks, it’s a tool that is used daily. A cowboy without a rope, is the equivalent of a mechanic showing up to work on your car with out his tools!

04. That favorite thermos - especially on those cold mornings, sometimes a warm cup of coffee can be vital to keep going. It’s the little things.

05. A hat - whether its 110 or 10 below, a hat helps protect from the elements

06. Kimes Ranch Jeans - this might be a tad obvious but a good pair of jeans is a good pair of jeans!

07. Pocket knife - can you even claim to be a cowboy if you don’t have a pocket knife on you at all times?

08. Snacks - seems silly but you never know when a simple job might turn into an all day job, and no one likes a hangery cowboy!

09 A sense of humour - because there's a good chance everything will hit the fan and being able to laugh about it, whether it’s in the moment or on the ride home, it makes a big difference in how you reflect on your day.

10. A big heart - it takes more than just grit and guts to take on all that a cowboy does, it takes heart to believe in what they are doing and do it every day.

What’s one thing you can’t leave home without?

Till we meet again,

- Emily Bomgardner

A huge shout out to Tayler Teichert, and Blake Milligan for their help with this blog!

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