Family - Mariana Phalen—Customer Service Manager

Hometown: Mesa, Arizona

Current Residence: Desert Hills, Arizona

About Me: While I do not necessarily have the same childhood stories in the horse industry that my colleagues do, I have learned to understand and appreciate the western way, as I married into it. In 2001 I married my husband, Brock, who is a blacksmith. Together we have three children; Payton, Cannon and Ashlyn. Although I moved to California two separate times over the years, my heart always remained in Arizona and I found my way back home in 2011 and I am proud to say that I am a native Arizonan

Prior to joining the Kimes Ranch team, I worked with Garrett and Doug at Volkswagon. Garrett was always talking about this up and coming brand; the story, the brand, and the values intrigued me… I knew I wanted to be a part of Kimes Ranch!


Why Kimes/My Job:

In August of 2016, I joined the Kimes Ranch team and never looked back. Today, I sit at a desk with my previous co-workers and current Kimes Ranch team members, Garret and Doug. As the sales and customer service manager, I pride myself on providing quality product, style, and service to our loyal customers. I enjoy being able to communicate with the customers on a daily basis so that we as a company can do our best to cater to their wants and needs. My goal is to focus on the little details that make the customers feel as if they are a part of the Kimes Ranch family.

I am very blessed with a job that I love and coworkers that make it hardly seem like a job. Each day I am excited to come in and see what I can help a customer with. If you call in to our office, nine times out of ten, I will be the person on the other line eager to listen. I can guarantee that when you call in, you will be provided with the best customer service around.


My Values:

Since I am always dealing with customers, I believe and live by the saying, “you can catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.” Throughout my life, I have found that kindness can get you very far and that is something I try to teach my children. Even though most of my work is done over the phone, I want the customer to know that they are being served with a smile. I believe in making the world better one act of ‘kimesness’ at a time.

Favorite Kimes Ranch Product: While I love all Kimes Ranch products, I would have to say that my favorite style of denim is the Jennifer. I love the modern high rise, detailing and slimming fit which makes it the perfect jean to dress up for a date night.