Family - Katherine Merck

Social Media and Marketing

Credentials: Although I graduated with a finance degree, I spent my summers in college working as a graphic design and marketing intern for a giftware company. After college, I worked as their marketing and public relations director before deciding I wanted to pursue my law degree. I brought this experience to my rodeo queen titles and became the first reigning titleholder to manage all of the Miss Rodeo America social media while I was on the road full-time. 


Hometown: Spokane, Washington

Current Residence: Hayden, Idaho


About Me: Growing up, I competed in the American Quarter Horse Association and National Reining Horse Association. I continue to be active in both associations, but my focus shifted to rodeo after graduating from college. I had the honor of becoming the first Washingtonian to represent the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association as Miss Rodeo America 2016 and continue to be actively involved in the sport as a PRCA timer and through my rodeo consulting business, Rodeo Advantage. I have been with Kimes Ranch for almost a year and before that I had around seven years of experience in marketing and social media work. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I have been an avid fly-fisher and downhill skier my entire life. My little herd of American Quarter Horses seens to never stop growing (I have six with a mare in foal right now!), so I spend a considerable amount of time riding and taking then to reining shows and rodeos. I also love to garden and grow everything from peppers to pumpkins (while wearing my Anna overalls, of course!). 


Why Kimes Ranch: First, I was excited about the people. I met Lindsay, our marketing director, at a conference in Denver and that was my first impression of what Kimes Ranch Jeans meant. When I tried on my first pair, I felt like I had finally found the jeans I had been looking for my whole life! The more I learned about the company the more I realized it was because people like me, who have ridden their whole lives and are dedicated to quality in everything they do, were behind these jeans. After that, I was all in! My favorite thing about Kimes Ranch is definitely the fact that it’s a family company. I grew up in a family business that my parents founded and I understand not only the hard work but the passion that goes into every single aspect of the company. The family mentality and values are part of the entire company culture, and I think each one of us feels like we are part of the family and working together for a common goal. 


My Job: I feel like whenever I have a spare minute, I’m on my phone! We respond to every single message we receive on social media and like and comment on the photos we’re tagged in. Kimes Ranch is unique in that if you send a message about sizing and fit to our Instagram, there’s a real person (me!) telling you what I think and helping you find the right jean. We’re also unique in that we don’t have cut and dry defined roles—we share responsibility and I love the wide variety of marketing that I’m able to do in this position! While I have a number of skills and experience that are valuable in this position, I think the most important are adaptability, flexibility, and drive. I am self-motivated, driven, and always looking for ways that I can improve and take our social media marketing to the next level! One of my biggest goals is to raise awareness of the brand in the rodeo world. The values of this company truly align with those of the rodeo community and our jeans are built to last. I think there is so much potential in that area to benefit both this company and the sport of rodeo!


My Values: Some of my most important values include sincerity, integrity, loyalty, and kindness. I believe in “riding for the brand”— I dedicate myself completely and work hard to give everything I do 100%. Every action we take affects others, so I strive to see the best in others and treat everyone that I encounter with kindness and sincerity. The Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them so unto you is at the core of my values, so I strive to help those around me to the best of my ability. My family and my Kimes family have a joke that I overcommit to everything, but that truly does sum it up! I give everything that I do my best effort and strive to be the best that I can be in my professional life at every single task. 


Favorite Kimes Ranch Product: The Betty 17! I love the way they fit like an old-fashioned cowboy jean but hug my feminine figure and move with me throughout the day without ever stretching out. It’s hard to pick just one favorite jean, but Betty 17 is my staple when I ride and when I dress up!