YouTube Sensations

The implementation of YouTube videos for equine businesses has boosted performance in many ways. Professionals have started using video production for marketing and informative purposes. In this blog we will talk about popular YouTube channels within our industry.



Within the last decade, stallion producers have relied heavily on social media platforms to bring business in and spread the word of their horses. Superlative Equine is an advertising and marketing company offering high quality photography and video promotions. This young business is owned by Brenna Weaver, who has made quite an impression in the performance horse world. Superlative Equine can be seen in stallion promotional videos, sale videos, exhibitor/trainer advertisements, and in beautiful photos all around the web. Check them out in the links below.




WhoaZone Equine is another marketing portal for the equine industry, specifically the western performance horse. Sky Mize began this company within the last two years and it has been booming with customers ever since. Whoazone focuses on promoting stallions and assisting with the sale of horses. Lately WhoaZone Equine and Superlative Equine teamed up on a video of the stallion This Guns For Nic. Click on the links below to see what they are all about.




Dressed to Sell Equine Advertisement, LLC is the final name we will discuss. This business specializes in the sales and marketing department. They sell horses from every major breed association to the 4-H level. Since starting Dressed to Sell, owner Khloe Brown has created over 100 successful matches. Find out more information about Dressed to Sell Equine by going to the links listed below.

Social media has impacted the sales and promotional side of the performance horse industry. These three companies are just the beginning of this new media addition. If you are looking for your newest addition or the perfect stallion to breed your mare to, look no further. They have you covered!

Superlative Equine


WhoaZone Equine


Dressed to Sell Equine Advertisement


~ Courtney Hall


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