Wide Open Spaces

Hi Everyone!

Andrea Thorp of The Rodeo Mrs. fashion blog coming to you today. I wanted to share a little bit of Kimes Ranch outfit inspiration as well as some beautiful scenery that I hope will take you to a western state of mind.


I recently took a trip to Cheyenne, Wyoming to finally experience the Cheyenne Frontier Days for the first time. On the way out west, all I could think about was that legendary arena and the cowboys and cowgirls I’ve been following around this season. Even though all of this was overwhelmingly exciting to think about, I found myself becoming more mindful of the moments the further down the road we drove. There’s just something so special and quieting about driving into open range.


The grand stage of Cheyenne was definitely a sight to be seen but something grabbed my attention and took my breath away even more – the wide open spaces of the west. Being from Iowa, I’m used to plenty of open space but there’s just something very special about the landscape of Wyoming – the mountains and valleys paint a beautiful scene that reminds you to find beauty in the simple things.


So in honor of the idea of finding beauty in simplicity, I put together these outfits against the beautiful bluffs, sage and sky of Wyoming. Nothing could be a simpler wardrobe staple than a perfect fitting pair of jeans, so I had to feature my favorite Kimes Ranch pair - the Alex. These jeans are my go to boot cut jeans. They feature a classic medium-dark wash and relaxed fit that makes it easy to go from hard work to high fashion in a blink. It’s not uncommon for me to go from horseback to photo shoot, so these jeans are the perfect pick for someone like me.



This first outfit was shot at the ranch we stayed in outside of Cheyenne. It was 60,000 acres of pure beauty and I found the perfect background simply standing in the front yard. I built this outfit around my Alex jeans, pairing them with a simple denim tank. (Denim on denim is another great way to rock simplicity!) To add a pop of color, I added this beautiful southwestern vest, a vintage piece. I thought the colors really went well with the scenery and added a statement while staying subtle.




For my accessories, I layered on some vintage native jewelry, specifically some special spiny oyster pieces belonging to my grandma. I stepped into a gorgeous pair of Ariat open toed booties and finished the look off with a buckskin leather clutch.


Jeans: Kimes Ranch Alex

Denim Tank: Target

Vest: Vintage Find

Booties: Ariat Lindsley

Clutch: LOV Leathers




This outfit was inspired by the beautiful bluffs that surrounds the many ranches nestled into the hills: un-ignorable yet understated. There’s no way you can ignore the majesty of a towering bluff but you can’t help but be amazed by its natural beauty untouched by man. This outfit also starts with the Alex jeans by Kimes Ranch. They are a classic style that can pull together any ensemble effortlessly. I paired the Alex with a simple white tank with a turquoise and gold neckline. Over top of the tank, I added a mustard yellow fringe vest. The vest adds interest to the outfit without going over the top.



To accessorize, I stacked a couple turquoise cuffs and mixed them with some leather bracelets as well. I slipped on a pair of vintage turquoise boots and finished the look off with a beautiful blue leather shoulder bag with a tooled strap.

Jeans: Kimes Ranch Alex


Top: Thrift Find

Vest: Lil Bees Bohemian

Boots: Durango

Shoulder Bag: LOV Leathers



I hope you all enjoyed these outfits I put together today and remember that the best parts of life are the simple moments. Spend more time out in the open today, and throw on a pair of Kimes Ranch jeans to enjoy it to the fullest. 

-Andrea Thorp, The Rodeo Mrs.


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