Why Buying Online is not as Scary as You Think

We have entered the new age, where buying online seems like the norm! Online shopping is so convenient! From the comfort of your home and one click of a button, you can have anything in the world delivered to your doorstep. But, with great power comes great responsibility. Even though the new age of retail is upon us, it is still scary to shop online; ESPECIALLY for clothing!


We at Kimes Ranch hear this quite often. With the variety of fits and the favorable sizing of our women’s jeans, you may not know what size you are or what fit you will like best. As a growing company, there is a chance that you may not have a retailer near you. We understand your hesitations! We fear your fears as well! Shopping should not be a stressful experience, and we’ve done a few things to take the fear out of purchasing from our online store:


1.     Size Chart- We created a detailed size chart located in two areas of our website to make choosing your size easier. Each size from each style was hand measured by a Kimes Ranch family member for the most accurate chart available. Jeans are measured when they arrive at our warehouse, not off the pattern, not before the denim is cut, or washed. Our denim is prewashed as well, so they will stay true to their original size at purchase. If you are unfamiliar how to measure yourself for fit, there is a guide for that as well! You can find the size charts under the customer support tab, under the navigation at the bottom of the page. Are you looking at a specific style, like the Betty 17, and want to know your size in that style? There is a size chart on each style’s page as well!


2.     Fit Guide- Matt and Amanda Kimes have carefully crafted each denim style with exceptional quality, fit, and function in mind. Each jean is designed to fit differently, from the iconic Betty jean having a midrise and modified boot, to the Alex boyfriend cut created for a baggier fit with a lower rise. With all these fits to choose from, we’ve created a guide to finding the perfect fit for you! Even better; it is located in the same area as the size chart!


3.     Free Exchanges- With all this information at your fingertips, you may get your new pair of jeans and find the fit is not what you wanted after all. Or, perhaps, you should have gone the size up/down that you were contemplating. We get it. It happens to the best of us! We will exchange that pair for the correct size/style and pay the shipping both ways! You can find our exchange form under our customer support tab.


4.     Free Returns- Similarly to the free exchanges, if you have exhausted your searches and tried all our styles, just to find the Kimes Ranch jeans don’t fit what you’re looking for, we are happy to take the return and pay the shipping on that one too! You have to LOVE the jeans you’re in.


5.     Customer Support Line- We covered some of the scariest parts of purchasing online, but maybe you have more questions. Never fear! You can always call The Ranch directly and talk to any of the Kimes Ranch family to get your questions answered. We love our customers and want to make sure you are totally comfortable before you click the checkout button!


We may not be able to totally relieve the stress of shopping for jeans (why is that such an emotional process?!) but we are here to give you the very best experience possible! We care for our customers, we stand by our product, and we can’t wait for you to fall in love as well!

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