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Everyone has a dream. Whether you chase it or not is up to you.. When I have a dream I want to chase, I set goals to get me closer to that dream. One of those dreams, was to join a Rodeo Assoc. in Texas whether it be doing Media, Marketing, Live Interviews Etc. Well, this past weekend I was invited to Mesquite, Texas For the Real Texas Country Festival and Mesquite Rodeo. I did the media/Interviews this weekend at their event. I was offered the job, and I said YES!!!! I was SOOOO Excited. This was a dream of mine, and not to mention.. It's the MESQUITE RODEO!! There is SO much history that the Mesquite Rodeo Holds that people would eat up, and I could not pass up the opportunity. When I got back into TN on Sunday, I put my two weeks in at the current Job I have now and sold two of my big screen TV's. I have a lot to do in two week's and I'm ready to start this new journey. Scroll down to see some pictures that I snapped from this weekends Mesquite Rodeo:


Jr. Bull Riders at the Real Texas Festival at Mesquite Rodeo.


Mesquite Rodeo At The Real Texas Festival


Stay tuned for more Mesquite Rodeo Updates!

2015 Rodeo Hall Of Fame Members..

Last week I had mentioned on my blog that I was going to talk about the 2015 Cowboy Hall Of Fame members. Let me introduce you all to the 2015 Pro Rodeo Hall Of Fame Class:


Tom Nesmith - Roper / Bulldogger (Steer Wrestler)
Harry Charters - Bulldogger/Calf Roper/Steer Roping
Bob Wegner - Bull Riding
Jack Hannum - Steer Wrestler
Mark Garrett - Bareback Riding
Hendricks Twins - Specialty Act
Rodeo Committees - Red Bluff, Guymon, Iowa's Championship Rodeo
Precious Speck - 4 Time Team Roping Head Horse Of The Year



Photo Credit - PRCA

Congratulations to all of the Rodeo Cowboys that made the 2015 Pro Rodeo Hall Of Fame Class! You all deserve the spotlight, and I can't wait to see your displays up at the Pro Rodeo Hall Of Fame And Museum this summer!


LIVE RodeoChat Interview


This week on RodeoChat I had the pleasure of interviewing INFR and PRCA Bareback Rider, Kyle Charley! Kyle, is only on his 2nd year on the PRCA trail and he's already making a name for himself already by competing at some of the TOP rodeos in the world such as Clovis, Duncan, and Guymon! If you would like to learn more about Kyle, and what it's like going down the PRCA trail as a first generation PRCA bareback rider in his family. READ the full blog post here -- > cowgirldreamerpmg.wordpress.com


That's a wrap for this week's blog post! I hope you all have an amazing rest of the week, and I will see you all next Wednesday!

- Happy Trails


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