Who reached the finish line at the end of the 2015 ProRodeo Season?

ood Evening Everyone! It's 10:38 PM MT on a Sunday night in Little big horn, MT. For some crazy reason I prefer to write my blog posts late at night. At night, is when I'm the most creative and for some odd reason it's when I do a lot of work on RodeoChat. My RodeoChat fan base is pretty much a night owl fan base, and I'm perfectly fine with that. On that note, I hope you guy's enjoy reading my 2015 ProRodeo RECAP blog post.


This past weekend the 2015 ProRodeo season wrapped up their final tour stop on the PRCA trail. This weekend the PRCA stopped in Ok, TX, AB, AZ, ID, SA, MT, NE, NJ, MO, MS, OR. Every rodeo cowboy and cowgirl that competed at rodeos in those states I listed above were in hopes of winning enough money to move them up in the PRCA ProRodeo standings. Some made the top 15 cut, but some were left empty handed. Below, I have listed a couple Rodeo Cowboys and Cowgirls that I'm super excited to see compete at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas come Dec.

Check out the guy's that turned their struggles into success below:

-- Professional Steer Wrestlers, Trevor Knowles and Blake Knowles. Trevor finished 10th in the 2015 ProRodeo season and Blake finished 15th!

-- Professional Bareback Rider, Yvan - Evan Jayne. Some of you may not know this but Evan Jayne is from FRANCE!! Can you believe it?!?! Yvan - Evan Jayne has clenched his spot to the 2015 WNFR and sits 4th in the ProRodeo bareback riding standings.

-- Most of you may know this guy from the PBR tour.. Now, Caleb Sanderson is on the PRCA trail. Caleb clenched his spot to the WNFR in Vegas and he currently sits in 12th in the ProRodeo Bull Riding standings.

Those are just a few of the guy's that worked their rears off from the bottom of the totem pole all the way to the TOP! Don't forget!! The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo is held in Las Vegas every year from Dec. 3 - 12, 2015!


RodeoChat News:

RodeoChat now has it's very own snapchat channel. Every single week I will be doing a new video series on a topic that one of the rodeochat fans send in. This weeks topic is, sponsorship. I get messages every single day on how to approach company's for a sponsorship, and how to market/promote them. So - with that being said.. I got all of my RodeoChat Pro Team Members involved there are 5 members on my team. They will give RodeoChat fans tips on how to approach sponsors, and what company's you should go after that suite you! Below is the snapchat handle. 


SnapChat Handle - rodeochat 

If you would like to request a topic, and have it seen on RodeoChat's snapchat channel please feel free to e-mail it too: chatrodeo@yahoo.com 

That's a wrap for this weeks rodeochat blog post! I hope you guy's enjoyed reading it. Stay tuned for next weeks blog post on my Instagram Roughstock Profile Series winner! 


Have a great rest of the week

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