Where has the time gone?

It's that time of year again! All of the BIGGEST rodeo finals are blazing the trails to Las Vegas. Just recently the Senior Pro Rodeo Assoc. was in Viva Las Vegas! I didn't get to make the event this year, but I stayed up to date with all of the action via social media.

Check out these interesting cool facts I picked up from the Senior Pro Rodeo Finals below:

  1. David Mawhinney Picked up the gold buckle in the over 40 bull riding, and in the over 40 steer wrestling. David also was the All-Around Champion! Here's the cool part about David.. David is from Australia!! How cool is it to see a rodeo cowboy from Australia ride in the Senior Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas? 
  2. Corey Evans is your Senior bareback riding champion.
  3. The National Senior Pro Rodeo Finals were held in Las Vegas Oct. Oct 29th - Oct 31st, 2015. 


Second, is the Indian National Finals Rodeo Starting Nov. 3rd through the 7th in Viva Las Vegas! Last year, a week before the INFR Finals in Las Vegas I had the chance to interview 2014 INFR Bull Riding Champion, Slick Phelps who went on to qualify for the RFD-TV American Qualifier. After attending a lot of the INFR rodeos this past summer I noticed a lot of the names on the list that I met at a rodeo or have seen on TV. Not to mention, a lot of the INFR rodeo cowboys that qualified for the INFR finals in Vegas also ride in the PBR and PRCA. Pretty cool, right? :)


Here's some interesting facts about the INFR Finals in Las Vegas:

  1. Did you know that some of the TOP bucking horses that will be shining bright in Las Vegas are pastured in Montana? For Ex. Real Bird Bucking Horses Pavillion, Other Medicine, Old Lady Coyote and Not Afraid Bucking Horses from Lodge Grass, MT!
  2. The Indian National Finals Rodeo has been around for 40 years!
  3. The INFR headquarters is stationed in Browning, MT!

Pssttt.. Did I mention that MT is rodeo capitol of the world already? Lol :)


Third, is the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. Dec 3 - 12th! I have attended the NFR in Vegas almost every year and boyy is it an amazing time!!! Last year, I stayed for over a week and did business in the day and attended the after party's at different clubs every single night. I'm a people person so I love going around and meeting new people, and gaining new friendships! Besides, what better place to do that other than Vegas?!

Below, I have posted 3 facts that I find interesting about this years National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas:

  1. This year the National Finals Rodeo will be aired on CBS Sports Network Starting Dec. 3rd at 10 PM E.T. Be sure to check your local TV guide for channels and times.
  2. Stock Contractor; Beutler & Son Rodeo Co's 977 Nod Big's 90 Proof is headed to his first Wrangler National Finals Rodeo this year! 
  3. Sutton Rodeo has four horses going to the National Finals Rodeo this year. Their horses are 88 Cactus Juice, 420 Chuckulator, 918 PromNight, and 9 Bartender.


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