What My Rodeo Family Means to Me


The definition of rodeo is cowboys and cowgirls showing their skill at riding broncs, roping calves, wrestling steers, running barrels etc and the definition of family is a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household or descendants of a common ancestor. Well what's known as a "rodeo family" is something similar but a little different and is special in its own way.


I'm sure many rodeo people can relate to pulling into town going down the rodeo road and calling up a friend because you need to put up your horse for the night, even if it's 2am they welcome you their home. I've grown up competing in rodeo and some of my closest friends are those who I've met down going down that road, chasing our dreams, it's our way of life and we all understand what it takes to compete in such a sport. We're all competing against each other, our friends and family are just one more person we'd have to compete against. The funny thing is, even though we're trying beat one another, rodeo family will do anything to help you to make the best run you possibly could. Sometimes it's friends of friends helping make connections for hay or stalls or a good shoer, vet recommendations, different rodeos to hit, traveling and hitchhiking just to make the next show. Maybe it's practicing at a buddy's place, getting tips and advice from one another or helping someone out with a mount, somehow someway I'm sure we can relate.





What does rodeo family mean to you?


"It means everything. They're the family that's there to pick you up on the bad days and they're there for you on the good days too!" Autty W.


"A rodeo family is a group of people or even one person that will help you with whatever you're having a hard time with. Sometimes it's horses, traveling, advice. They will push your cattle and help you win. They're not scared to help you win first even though they might win second." Junior Z.


"People who have taken me in and people who are happy to see me at every show we go to." Ethan S.



My definition my be a little different than others but I know that it's something special and like no other. Long live rodeo family.


May 20, 2017

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