What motivates me in the rodeo industry?

As I'm writing this blog it's currently Midnight on a Tuesday night, and I'm just finishing up a business plan for a new project that I'm getting ready to work on! More on that later..  Anywho, in this week's blog post I thought I'd take y'all behind the scenes and show you all what motivates me in the rodeo industry today and a new series that I have started on RodeoChat that I tried out this weekend in Sheridan, Wyoming. 


This past weekend I drove down some old rodeo trails to Sheridan, Wyoming! Since I only live an hour away from Sheridan I jumped at the gun and I couldn't pass up this opportunity to attend Kings Saddlery and take the museum tour. While I was on the museum tour I came across the bucking horse wall of fame ( Check out that blog picture :) ) . But, this museum tour was a little bit different.. I decided to do a LIVE museum tour and take all of the RodeoChat fans through the tour as well! It was SO much fun, and the feedback I received back from everyone was amazing! I plan on doing more here in the near future! So stay tuned for more details about that.


While I was going through King's saddlery museum tour I couldn't stop thinking about the bucking horse wall of fame that they have. I just kept thinking to myself that one day I would like to have one of my bucking horses up on that wall with all of the rodeo legends. Throughout that whole tour and till this day it has motivated me! It'll probably still motivate me till the day that I make it happen :) 


This weekend I'll be heading down the rodeo trail for a PRCA event in Billings, MT and on Saturday i'll be heading to Crow Agency, MT for the Final night of the INFR tour rodeo. This summer I've covered tons of PRCA rodeos, and about 3 INFR Tour Rodeos! Not to mention, I covered my first Australian rodeo this summer! Crazy, right?! 

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