What does success mean to you?

In your opinion, what does success mean to you? Think about it. It can be anything you want it to be.


In my eyes, success is winning that gold or silver buckle / Trophy / Certificate / Plaque for being one of the best social media and marketing / news site on social media for something your passionate about. How do I plan on making it happen?


Rule #1 - Set Goals no matter if they are big or small.

Rule #2 - Fresh And Professional Content.

Rule #3 - Being consistent is key in everything that you do. 


Those 3 rules go with me into everything that I do in life. Whether it's work related or not I'm always working towards that next success.. 


With that being said, two of the biggest finals in the western lifestyle industry are creeping up on us pretty quick. That would be the PBR Finals Nov. 2ND - 6TH, 2016 in Viva Las Vegas and the National Finals Rodeo in Viva Las Vegas Dec. 1st - 10th, 2016! The 2016 ProRodeo Season just ended and the TOP 15 Rodeo Cowboys and Cowgirls in each event have qualified for the 10 Day NFR. To see who made the TOP 15 check out this link, here: http://www.prorodeo.com/ ! The PBR Built Ford Tough Series is still going strong. They just finished up in Idaho this past weekend and JB Mauney walked away as the event champion! But, the 2016 PBR Built Ford Tough series still has 2 more tour stops left before they head to the Finals in Las Vegas! As of right now, here's whose sitting in the TOP 35 when the tour is over the TOP 35 guy's sitting in the standings will make the PBR Finals in Las Vegas. Check out the link, here: http://www.pbr.com/


Why do I care about the Western Lifestyle's biggest events coming up so much? 1: Networking, Connecting, and meeting new people every single day and every single second. Every person that you meet helps you connect the dots to that bigger opportunity. 2: The memories! The memories you make and the people you meet will never be forgotten. 


So, what kind of success do I want to create in Las Vegas duing the western lifestyle's biggest finals? The opportunities and success is endless. I do know one thing though.. See how the success happens in front of your eyes by following RodeoChat on ALL social media. The links will be posted below.


Before I end this blog post. I have one question to ask you the readers.. What is success in your eyes AND what kind of success do you want to create before 2016 ends? 


Have a great week y'all :)

Paige Gregory

Owner And Founder Of RodeoChat
Bighorn, MT
SnapChat - RodeoChat

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