What are the dangers in Rodeo?

Every step you take, and everything that you touch has danger attached to it. If you let the fear of danger get in the way are you really living life to the fullest? Let me introduce you to two brothers on my RodeoChat Pro Team, Colt and Carter Jackson (J5 - Rodeo). Colt and Carter Jackson, took over the RodeoChat Snapchat channel Monday night and expressed their views on the danger of Rodeo.

Here are a few dangers in Rodeo Colt and Carter Jackson wanted to share with you all:

A lot of injuries occur when a rider gets on a horse or bull that's way to powerful for them.

When your spur straps are getting caught by your rope, and you begin to be dragged around the arena by a horse or bull.

Getting stepped on by a horse or bull.


Riding glove being to big and your hand just slips. Sometimes you get out lucky with no injuries, and sometimes you don't get so lucky! That's why it's always important that you try on your riding gear before you purchase it. You want to ride right and ride for 8 so you don't have to sit on the sidelines :) 


Those are just a few tips that Colt and Carter Jackson mentioned in their snapchat video. If you would like to see the FULL video please check out RodeoChat's snapchat channel here > @ rodeochat


Time always flies by when i'm writing a blog post for Kimes Ranch Jeans. It's now 2 AM in Montana, and I have to be up in just a few short hours to begin another day of chasing my dreams full throttle. Tomorrow, I will network with stock contractors that raise bucking horses in the morning and in the afternoon I will begin my research on buffalo. Isn't life bliss? 


Happy Trails

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