Ways To Enjoy Congress From The West Coast

It’s that time of year again, and no I am not talking about Fall, or the end of horseshow season…Its CONGRESS TIME!!! Between seeing the best horses, horsemen (and women) in our industry compete, and the shopping; Congress really has it all. There is nothing like the month of October for the Quarter Horse Industry. For those of us lucky to attend the event, we are the lucky ones! For some of us west coasters that cannot travel to Ohio for the big event there are still numerous ways that we can stay included in the action! I have been on both sides of this coin, I have been stuck in California many times unable to travel to Congress, but I have also been blessed enough to attend for 3 consecutive years while attending The University of Findlay. Below I have shared the different ways that I stayed tuned in on the action while being at home.

  • Congress Live Feed
  • iEquine App (find it on your app or google play store)
  • Facebook Updates from associations, groups, trainers, friends, etc.
  • Instagram Updates
  • Twitter Updates


It will never compare to being in the stands or wandering through the trade show and seeing all the latest in western wear and equine attire, but it is better than not being connected. I really have to wonder how those before us survived these big events without being able to watch on the live feeds.


-Emily Bomgardner

Picture Courtesy Of: www.quarterhorsecongress.com


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