Uses for Bailing Twine

Around the Barn

  1. Loops for hanging water buckets in stalls
  2. To hang Jolly Balls or other treats in stalls
  3. Hanging salt blocks in stalls
  4. Pretty much hanging anything you ever needed to in a stall
  5. Safety ties in trailer
  6. Fixing broken hay nets
  7. Tie a loop of bailing twine on the end of hoof picks or scissors to make them easy to hang up and find
  8. Hay-net, yes a hay-net! Here is a tutorial on how to make one:
  9. Don’t have hay hooks? Loop extra bailing twine through the twine on the unopened bale and you can tug it around this way
  10. Use bailing twine in a gift-wrap like fashion on folded winter blankets for better organization and storage
  11. Have an open bag of feed? Tie it closed with bailing twine to help prevent spillage
  12. At shows you can string a piece of bailing twine across stall fronts to display ribbons
  13. At home you can string bailing twine across stalls fronts to hang blankets or saddle pads across stall fronts
  14. When camping you can use bailing twine create a hi-line to safely tie your horses up
  15. Opening bales without scissors or a knife simply using friction to cut the ties
  16. Cross ties in barn aisles
  17. If you don’t have a dry place to put your saddle you can use bailing twine to hang saddles from trees to keep them off the ground
  18. For a quick fence repair, you can use bailing twine to secure gates and secure fence lines
  19. Fastening stall fans to stall fronts
  20. Pastures muddy from the spring rains? Section off pastures with bailing twine to keep horses out and allow it to regrow
  21. Securing tarps over hay to protect it from rain
  22. Tie up stall guards
  23. In a few barns I have seen braided twine mats in tack rooms and doorways


The beginnings of a bailing twine hay net


A great example of how to use bailing twine for a safety breakaway on hitching posts and crossties alike


Uses for horses and tack


Bailing twine can be great to help short-tailed horses swat flies in the summer months


  1. If you have ever lost a leather tie for your bridle or reins, bailing twine works great! Just be sure you secure the twine, or burn the ends to help ensure it does not break while riding
  2. For horses that pull back you can tie a piece of bailing twine between the clasps of the halter and lead rope. In general the bailing twine will break before the snap or halter does
  3. Temporary lead rope
  4. Temporary halter
  5. Temporary reins
  6. Quick repairs on horse blankets
  7. Making an over-check that may also be known as anti-grazing reins. These help prevent horses from traveling with their heads too low and also from them grazing
  8. It is important to have curb straps on snaffle bits,well any bit really, but if you don’t have one, you can braid one from bailing twine
  9. Temporary English or Western spur straps
  10. Sacking out colts by attaching feedbags together with bailing twine and draping over the saddle
  11. Braiding bailing twine into horses with shorter tails to help ward off flies in the summer
  12. Can be used to tie English irons together so they do not bang on your horses side while lunging
  13. Use as a connecting tie for front and rear girths
  14. If forced to evacuate from your home, you can braid in bailing twine with your phone number into manes and tails
  15. Believe it or not, I have seen someone use bailing twine to help tie a fake tail in when all the other supplies ran out
  16. You can use bailing twine as saddle strings on western saddles



For You and the Home


Silly as it may seem, we have all broken a shoe string and bailing twine is the perfect quick fix until you can make it to the store

  1. Dog leash or collar. It works great for shows when you forget the collar or leash at home
  2. Others have braided multiple strings together and created tug-o-war toys for dogs
  3. In the garden, you can use bailing twine to secure plants like tomatoes
  4. Securing hoses for storage
  5. Making a clothes line
  6. Forget your belt? Cinch your jeans up tight with a piece of bailing twine.
  7. If a shoe string breaks, you can use bailing twine to tie your shoes
  8. Some people have wrapped vases in bailing twine to give them a “country” feel
  9. With proper supervision the youngsters can find a million imaginative ways to play with bailing twine
  10. Using bailing twine as tie downs for the pick up truck
  11. Tying up loose cords around the house
  12. Hanging outdoor plants
  13. Dental floss, I am not sure how your dentist will feel about you using this as dental floss. However, in a pinch I am sure it will get the job done!
  14. Hammock, if you have the time and ability it could make a great piece to hang in the shade
  15. If you or someone you know have the ability to knit or crochet, you can create scrubbies for the kitchen


This list is just naming a few of the uses for bailing twine! I’ve heard there are even some more off the wall uses for bailing twine in the mechanical realm, but that’s beyond my expertise. If you have any off-the wall ways to use bailing twine don’t forget to share them below!

Emily Bomgardner

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