Tips To Catching Loose Horses

We’ve all been chasing horses for what seems like HOURS at one point or another in our lies. I have done more than my fair share of horse chasing in my life, and I am sure I will do many more hours of horse chasing! I have compiled a list of ways to lure your horses to you that have worked for me in the past!


  • Food: Most horses are food motivated and a grain bucket or a flake of hay will bring them running.
  • People: Having help can save you a lot of time by having more hands to corral the unruly ones
  • Buddy System: Often times if you have a horse that is used to being in pasture, you can peak their curiosity and lure them in when there is a buddy around.
  • Panels or other fencing: If you have a horse who is being extremely difficult to catch, you can assemble panels to help create a smaller area for them to be contained in and take away a panel at a time until you have an area that you can catch the horse in. 


These three beauties are showing off how food motivation is almost always the easiest way to catch a runaway.


Have any great tips for catching the unruly runaway? Please feel free to share!

-Emily Bomgardner


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