There’s an App For That

Have a smart phone? Have you checked out the app store lately? There are seemingly endless apps for everything “horse”. Your options are almost endless. With being able to watch the biggest horse shows of the season, to learning about equine health care, to tracking your horse’s vitals and other health care records. There are even apps for your veterinarian to better their medical practices in the field. Here are a few of my favorites that I tried out and explored: 


iEquine - You can watch live feeds of most major shows like The All American Quarter Horse Congress, The American Mini Horse Registry National Show, American Paint Horse World Championship, Hits in Ocala, the list goes on and on.


Equine Data - With this app you can manage your herds medical notes and history, including farrier information. This would be great for barn managers, or for those of us on the go with a number of horses to maintain.


Horse Anatomy - There are multiple apps that can help you learn the equine anatomy. There are specific apps that you can study the skeletal, muscle, and even the gastrointestinal systems individually. It is import to know the different parts of your horse from the inside out. It can really help you in case of emergency or injury. Horse Anatomy: Equine 3D and 3D Horse Anatomy Software where two of the best rated apps that I found users liked. 


Training - Ride more than one horse a day? This app is more specific to workouts for speed event horses, but can be beneficial for all equestrians alike to track the workouts, much like we would track our own personal workouts. This creates a consciousness about how fit our horses actually are, and can make sure we don’t overwork them. We all need days off every now and then! A few of the more common ones I found that where easy to navigate where Equi Track and CoreX Equine.


Veterinary - Doing drug calculations in an emergency as a veterinarian can sometimes be stressful, I imagine. There are apps that have common equine drugs and their dosages. Equine Drugs, Equine Formulary where two apps that were used in association with a number of veterinary programs.


Association/Magazine Apps - You read that right! Most associations have apps that you can download that act as a mobile rule book that you can always have on you. In addition, most magazine publications have turned to the app world as well to publish articles and keep readers engaged.


Games - Perhaps the most popular and widely used of the apps is the game apps. They have everything for every age!

Check out your app store for all of these great apps to explore!

-Emily Bomgardner

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