The Lunge Line Hype

If you walk into any major AQHA/APHA/color breed show today, you will more than likely see yearling lunge line on the show bill. This class has taken off within the last few years and is becoming a huge hit. Making this a futurity event also has increased entry numbers.



The yearling lunge line class (whether western or hunter) is essentially based on the potential of the horse in the show pen in future years. It may seem to be a simple and easy class, but that’s not the case. In order to be successful, a yearling has to be a good prospect and enjoy his/her job on the lunge line.



Each horse is judged on quality of movement, use of the circle, and conformation. These combined elements give the total score. High scores are given to teams that have a good connection, a quiet exhibitor, and a well-mannered yearling. Exhibitors should put the most focus on the horse and not themselves.



The future for yearling lunge line is very promising. It has grown immensely and has grown interest in events such as the NSBA (National Snaffle Bit Association) Markel BCF Yearling Sale and the All American Quarter Horse Congress Super Sale. We look forward to seeing how this class progresses in the upcoming years!



~ Courtney Hall


Photos courtesy of the Paint Horse Journal, Jeff Kirkbride Photography, and the Equine Chronicle


Show Pen

August 23, 2017

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