The Comfort Food of Shoes

I think it was Marilyn Monroe who said, "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world." Not to disagree with Marilyn but give a girl a pair of cowboy boots and she's guaranteed to conquer the world. So what is it about these must have-closet hoggin-get them in every color NECESSITY that draws us down the depths of obsession never to return?


As I pulled on bright red boots stolen, borrowed from my mother's closet this morning I started to think more on the subject. These particular boots give me a feeling of power and self-confidence every time I slip them on but what was it about these boots? They were after all just boots.



Perhaps it's their adaptability; they go with everything and fit in every setting. It could be the fact that random strangers always comment on them, good or bad. Not once have I worn these particular boots that I didn't have someone say "nice boots!" Nothing else hanging in my closet gets this response. So once again I ask myself. What is it about cowboy boots?


Is it their iconic image or the attributes we pair with the iconic images who wear them? Perhaps. It could be however that a good pair of boots never goes out of style; if anything they get better with age. Even main stream fashion can't let them go, cowboy boots always have a way of cycling back. So once again I ask what is it about cowboy boots?


In all my years, I've never met a person in cowboy boots who doesn't look ready for anything. Why? The answer is simple, boots go with everything, fit every environment and are oh so adaptable. They speak a language I understand (they call to me). As any other boot junky will admit you can literally have every color, style, combination your heart desires. So what's not to love?


The comfort food of fashion. A staple in the western closet. A quality pair of boots eases the soul.


As they say, "She who dies with the most cowboy boots wins" and so far I think I'm winning.


- Paige Morgan




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