Sunshine and Summertime

Summer is without a doubt my favorite season. I love soaking up all those sun rays and spending countless hours outside. You can go for a hike, ride your horse over endless fields, play in the river, and so many other options-how can summer not be your favorite too?? The fashion choices for all of these activities are vary, but the one thing that is the same for them all is the sunglasses!


For me, I live for my sunnies in the summer. I do not think I do anything without them. And that is no exaggeration, ask anyone that knows me, they will tell you I always have them on. I think that sun glasses are the perfect accessory for any summer day. Today's sunglass styles are too many to count-every size, frame style, and lens color you can imagine. As for myself I have a few different options in my closet.




Sunglasses these days have so many shapes and sizes and colors that you can get one for any occasion and any outfit. I like to match them according to my outfit and of course it depends on what I am doing. If I am roping I like to wear my a slender style that fits under my hat and really blocks out the sun so I can see 100%.




Now if I am swimming or trying to make a fashion statement I go a little more stylish and rock the more fun colors. I just received the new Wesley style from Bex and I am in love with how versatile they are and the colors are literally to die for. Really, sunnies are a go-to accessory for summer and I personally feel you shouldn't be without!


-Tayler Bradley

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