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Good Afternoon Everyone! It is currently 1 PM here in Bighorn, MT and I couldn't be more excited. Now that I have Sunday's off I'm not quite sure what to do? I can now go to Cowboy Church, I can sleep in and I can watch Sunday Night Football! So many things to do with so little time! I usually post about the weekend rodeo and bull riding's Sunday night but now that I have Sunday's off I can post about them much earlier in the day which is a great thing since I now work a full-time job Monday - Friday as the Marketing Manager at Apsaalooke' Nights Casino in Crow Agency, MT. With that being said, Let's take a look inside the rodeo and bull riding industry. 

This weekend the PBR BFTS Tour stopped in Springfield, MO. Two riders on the BFTS tour Cooper Davis, and Kaique Pacheco were battling it out for that #1 spot. Guess who took over the lead this weekend? Kaique Pacheco!! Kaique, is now currently in the number one spot with 3,703 points. Here's who walked as winners this weekend -- >> 

15/15 Bucking Battle

Eduardo Aprecido 88 Points on Little Red Jacket

Round 2

Kaique Pacheco 86.50 Points On Wired Child

Championship Sunday

Ryan Dirteater went 4 for 4 this weekend and covered all of his bulls!

Ryan Dirteater sealed the deal on Sunday with an 86.75 point ride on Jack Daniel's After Party! This was Ryan Dirteater's Third win of the season. Do you think Ryan Dirteater can score a couple more wins before the 2016 PBR BFTS ends in Nov? 

The PBR TPD will stop in Pendleton, Oregon this week and the PRCA slack has already started in Pendleton.. Pendleton, is one of my favorite rodeos to attend. I was raised on that rodeo, and all of my family competed at that rodeo. Small world, Right? Unfortunately, I won't be making it out to the event this year. But, I hope to make it out sometime in the near future. Make sure you all check back next week as I'll be highlighting the Pendleton Round-Up on my next blog post!

Here's something new and fun I started on RodeoChat! Check it out, I started a brand new series on snapchat called " Music Monday Rodeo Trail Tunes " It's where I ask the fans to send in there favorite rodeo tunes, and at the end of the day I create a top 10 playlist with all the requests that were sent in. On that note, I would like to end this week's RodeoChat blog post with this song.. 

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