Spring Shedding

Spring has officially sprung! For every horse owner this means we will be wearing horsehair as apart of every outfit that touches the barn. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite tips to get our horses ready for summer and get rid of the dreaded winter coats. Keep in mind that a great summer coat, doesn’t just come from routine grooming habits, there are a number of variables that can help your horse shed out that winter coat.


Shedding Block

  1. Daylight hours affect your horse’s ability to shed out their coats. If your horses are kept under lights year-round, they typically wont grow much of a winter coat. However, if your horses are stalled without lights, ensure they have plenty of access to turnout or daylight, as the days get longer.
  2. Ensure that your horse has a regular deworming schedule.  A poor hair coat that refuses to shed out can be an indication of your horses intestinal parasite load.
  3. Grooming involves keeping the best tools in your box! A rubber currycomb and a shedding block can be your best allies. Nothing beats elbow grease when it comes to shedding out winter coats.
  4. Consistent exercise will help stimulate circulation and increase coat health.
  5. Faces and legs shed too, currycombs can irritate some of these more sensitive areas. A grooming mitt is great for these areas.
  6. Using a coat conditioner can help bring out the shine in that summer coat. I personally use a concoction of 1/3 Listerine, 1/3 baby oil and 1/3 Laser Sheen coat concentrate.
  7. Regular baths when the weather permits can be vital in loosening up the winter coat and bringing out a great summer coat.
  8. Nylon sheets will help keep your horse clean while giving it that sleeked-out look.

Now get out there and start currying! Summer shows will be here before we know it!

-Emily Bomgardner

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