Social Media, Bucking Horses, and Rodeo

Sounds like a crazy combo, right? In reality it is pretty crazy, but boyyy does it draw a crowd and get the fans involved. These past few weeks I've been dabbling into the social media industry and the bucking horse industry more than ever! Why? Check out the rest of my article to find out.

Social Media, is an amazing industry to be involved in if you know how to use it right. Social Media can help YOU chase your dreams! Social Media can get your name/product out there into a whole new world. Social Media, can help you draw a crowd for that next big show you have! What I'm trying to say is.. Social Media, can help you do a lot of things. For example:

Tonight (Monday) I did a LIVE Q&A fan chat on Twitter. I had the chance to get to know the RodeoChat fans a little bit better, and drop a few hints on a new Instagram series that I have in the works with Roughstock bulls and horses. I will begin the series this week on Wednesday, and the hashtag we created for this series is #RoughStockWednesday ! Starting THIS Wednesday you can start learning about the bucking bulls and bucking horses that are entered up at some of your favorite rodeo and bull riding events! Sounds exciting, right? It's time to shine the light on the amazing animal athletes!

One of my goals, is to put the Bareback Riding/Saddle Bronc Riding/Bucking horses back on the map! In order, for me to achieve this goal I needed to come up with something REALLY creative, and do my research. I asked my good friend, Mike Solberg who is a Canadian Professional Bareback Rider what he thought about being apart of my Kimes Ranch Jeans weekly RodeoChat blog post. Mike, was all for it and wanted to help out as much as he can! Now, I haven't seen anybody get a Canadian Prof. Rodeo Cowboy involved with something like this before. But, I think were about to break some records and get the rodeo industry involved more! With that being said, if you have a question about bucking horses or the bareback riding industry.. Now is the time to ask! Each week I will send Mike a question from YOU the fans about the bucking horse industry, and Mike will answer your question on my RodeoChat KRJ blog post! You can post your comments below, or send them to me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!


Mike Colman

These are just a few examples on how much Social Media can help you grow your brand!Use your connections, and don't be afraid to ask for feedback from your fans! You're fans wouldn't lie to you they are your biggest supporters!

Tonight one of my RodeoChat fans inspired me to start a series on Rodeo Photographers, and another one of my fans asked if I would highlight Rodeo Cowboys that play music on the side. Isn't social media amazing? Just from tonight's LIVE Q&A chat I was inspired, and driven into new creativity!

Don't be afraid to spread your wings, and go down new trails.


Paige Gregory

Owner and Founder of RodeoChat
Cookeville, TN


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