RodeoChat Teams up with RodeoWrecks on a brand new podcast series

Those of you that know me know that I'm a HUGE risk taker, and I'm up for taking new challenges. Well, me and the host of Rodeo Wrecks were talking one night.. Out of nowhere I came up with idea of creating a podcast together. Gabi, the host of Rodeo Wrecks was all in and ready to start this new adventure together. So, on Oct. 8 around midnight me and Gabi created our very first podcast together using Garage Band and SoundCloud as our host. Our podcast is called RodeoChat Gets Wrecked! It's a series of podcasts that will be uploaded every Wednesday night. On these podcasts we will talk about our views of the Rodeo and Bull Riding industry. Were just two gals that aren't afraid to speak our mind, and tell it like it is! If you're interested in checking out our podcast.. You can do so by clicking the link below:
This week, I'm on the trail to Georgia to visit some family and attend the Georgia National Fair! I love attending fairs in the Fall. The vibe is just amazing, and the people you meet in Georgia are just so sweet and caring. On my next blog post I'll have tons of pictures and stories to share with you all! Until, next time..
Work hard. Chase your dreams. Never Give Up
- Paige Gregory

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