RodeoChat creates it's very first channel on SnapChat

Welcome aboard to the new social media train in 2016, SnapChat. SnapChat just so happens to be one of my favorite apps. Little did I know that I would be creating my business (#RodeoChat) a SnapChat channel. Here's how it works.

Everyday I post a #RodeoChat story on SnapChat. That video I post will only last for 24 Hours in your story box. Here is that catch! In order for you to see my content you MUST add me on SnapChat. By the way, this is a free app :)  SnapChat - RodeoChat . 

Below is a list of catageories that we will be covering:

  • Sponsorship
  • Bucking Horses
  • Bucking Bulls 
  • Rodeo Contestants
  • Q & A 
  • Rodeo Results
  • And so much more!!

If you have any requests of topics I should cover on my Snap Chat channel please don't hesitate to leave me a comment. 

I better get running! I have a business meeting to attend and a new SnapChat story to make. See you all next week!

Paige Gregory
Owner and Founder of RodeoChat
Cookeville, TN


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