RodeoChat Blog Post - This week our wheels headed to the Pendleton Round-Up



The Pendleton Round-Up is one of my FAVORITE events to attend every year! Not only do you have the rodeo to look forward to during the day, but you also get the chance to attend the PBR events 2 days before the rodeo starts! Another favorite event of mine to attend is the happy canyon. During the happy canyon you learn about the different native american cultures and their dances! So Much fun! Here is a couple pictures from Pendleton Round-Up that I thought y'all would like:



Image Credit goes to Hot Rod Cowgirl




Now let's talk about who picked up the pretty buckles in Pendleton, Or:


All-Around Cowboy - Trevor Brazile Tie-Down Roping, Team Roping and Steer Roping.

Bareback Riding - (Tie) Caleb Bennett and Tim O' Connell 166 points.
Steer Wrestling - Casey Martin 17.4 Seconds on three head.
Team Roping - Jake Stanley/Bucky Campbell 19.2 Seconds on three head.
Saddle Bronc Riding - Cort Scheer 175 Points on two head.
Tie-Down Roping - Riley Pruitt 28.8 Seconds on three head.
Barrel Racing - Christy Loflin 56.60 Seconds on two head.
Steer Roping  - Jason Evans 41.1 Seconds on three head.
Bull Riding - Steve Woolsey 172 points on two head.


Chase outlaw won the first round of the PBR in Pendleton. Ben Jones picked up the second round win.

Turns out the PBR event in Pendleton was the RMEF Finals PBR bull riding tour, and turns out Gage Gay won the tour with the most points! Congrats Gage.


Since were still on the PBR subject.. Huge Shoutout to New Mexico bull hand LJ Jenkins for going 3 for 4 and picking up the WIN this weekend in Springfield, Missouri! Here's a video Of LJ'S winning ride on Jack Daniel's After Party for 89.25 points (Video Courtesy of PBR):


WINNING RIDE: L.J. Jenkins score 89.25 on Jack Daniel's After Party


Prayer Request: Goes to Guytin Tsosie this week as he got caught up in a nasty bull ride this weekend in Springfield, Mo. Guytin suffered a broken Tibia and is scheduled for surgery this week!


That's a wrap for this weeks Rodeo Chat blog! Until Next time.

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