This week my wheels rolled onto Alaska for the very first time..

I'm staying in a small town called Palmer, Alaska which is about an hour away from Anchorage where I flew into.

I had the privilege to come too Alaska for the Fair and Rodeo.

I love the Alaska State Fair, I have met so many amazing people and ran into some faces I have met down the road. For instance, I had the chance to help my friend Brad with his snakes and alligators at one of his exhibits he had set up at the fair. With a back ground in Exotic animals I was more than happy to help him out. Also, two artists from the Gregory Agency (Talent Agency out of Nashville) Savannah Jack, and Redhead Express were performing at the Alaska State Fair so I stopped for a few minutes and enjoyed their shows. Who doesn't love attending a good country music concert, right?


Alaskan Rodeo industry is something that I Experienced for the very first time this year. It's a bit different from what i'am used too back home in the states. But, I actually had a great time at the Alaska rodeo. Here's an example of a few events I saw in Alaska that you don't normally see back in the states


Double Mugging - An event where one cowboy ropes a steer and another cowboy on the ground attempts to bull dog the animal to the ground. The object is to get the steer to the ground and tied as fast as possible.


Ribbon Roping - Unique event that involves a team of boys and girls. Either gender can be the roper, and runner. The Calf rope is tied on hard-and-fast like in Calf Roping.


The thing I liked the most about the Alaska Rodeo I attended in Palmer was that it was open, and the contestants were very friendly and explained how their rodeos worked to everyone that asked. Their rough stock was decent, but I thought their bucking horses were much better than their bucking bulls. But, hopefully next year that will change and all of their rough stock will be top notch! Here's a few photos that I took at the rodeo, and a photo of what my place looks like in Palmer, Alaska.


This is what the Rodeo Alaska posters looked like


This is my view out my back door in Alaska



The Mountains around my cabin in Alaska


This has been my home for the past few weeks (View from the sheep barn)




Front view of the cabin


This is my Alaska trip in a nutshell! I head back home on Sept. 1st and start getting things ready for the winter rodeos and the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas in December. My very first Kimes Ranch Jeans blog post is a wrap, and i'll see you all next Wednesday at the same place and same time. Also! If there's any topic you guy's would like me to cover about the rodeo or bull riding industry.. Let me know, and i'd be more than happy to talk about it in my next blog post you can send your requests to [email protected].


See you all next Wednesday!


- Paige Gregory 

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