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The world of podcasting is now upon us and, while blogging isn’t dead, podcasting provides a new opportunity for consumable content in the form of audio. This can be capitalized on in a variety of multi-tasking opportunities such as commuting, cooking, riding horses, working out and more. For many of those that haven’t joined the podcast listening world, there are a few barriers that stop them from subscribing, listening, learning and enjoying.

How to Listen

The most common barrier to podcasting is HOW to listen to podcasts. Let’s break down some options:

Mobile & Computer

  1. iOS

    Apple products, such as iPhones, iPads, and Mac’s, will have your podcast store located in your iTunes. Simply change the tab from “Music” or “Movies” to “Podcasts,” and search through the library for podcasts that you may want to sample or enjoy.

  2. Smart Phone

    Google Play is the app that you will want to download on your non Apple brand smartphone in order to download and listen to podcasts. There you can search through potential shows to find one that fits your fancy.

  3. Computer

    Most podcasts or podcasts that have been established (more than one season and/or over 50 episodes) will have a website where they will also attach show notes and play the show live.

  4. Spotify

    Spotify is a music app that is also wonderful for creating podcast playlists and is compatible with all smart phones and computers for user ease.


What Podcasts to Listen Too?

  1. That Western Life Podcast

    Co-hosted by a diverse group, the That Western Life podcast is wrapping up it’s first season which has included big names with loaded questions, stories, humor and education. The hosts are National Finals Rodeo barrel man JJ Harrison of Washington, marketing guru Katie Schrock of Oregon, stand up comedian and horse trainer Rachel Owens-Sarno of California, and 2017 Miss Rodeo America Lisa (Lageschaar) Lucia. Guests have included the likes of Live with Lucia’s Anthony Lucia, pro barrel racing veteran Jenna Smeenk, and former PRCA lobbyist Cindy Schonholtz.

    Listen here.

  2. X Factor Roping

    Hosted by Pace Freed of Texas, Pace brings the latest in all things roping to the X Factor Roping podcast. An online presence strong in video education when it comes to roping, the podcast brings you the next level of multimedia in roping tips and tricks on one of the highest downloaded western podcasts.
    Listen here.

  3. Blazing Trails Podcast

    A unique podcast that includes hunting, ranching and sports along with rodeo, the Blazing Trails podcast host, Devan Reilly, is a fierce competitor in bronc riding at the professional level. He introduces you to some of the most interesting people that he has had the opportunity to meet through his young life - it’s definitely a great truck-talk style conversation with men and women of the western lifestyle.
    Listen here.


  1. Cattle Current

    Staying up to date on the cattle markets and trends can be challenging but the easiest way to do so is to subscribe to the Cattle Current Podcast. A one-stop glance, their show includes a direct connection to a weekly summary, connections to cattle auctions, feed pricings and more.
    Listen here.

  2. Ranching Brunette Podcast

    Hosted by Loagan Robinson, this podcast is educational and directed specifically at first-generation or aspiring first-generation ranchers. The world of ranching can seem intimidating with multi-generational ranches taking the stronghold of the American ranching scene but don't worry, Loagan is here to be your friend and start you on your journey!

    Listen here.

3. Beefwatch by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

An audio companion to the UNL Beefwatch Newsletter, this is another way to stay up to date on profitability and sustainability information in the cattle world. Timely and up-to-date information - this is a great podcast to subscribe to for when you’re heading to the weekly auction rings or the field to work.

Listen here. Farming

  1. Future of Agriculture Podcast by AgGrad

    Hosted by Tim Hammerich of AgGrad this is one of the most downloaded agricultural podcasts. Focused on the future of technologies and innovations in agriculture, Tim does a great job of highlighting agriculture innovations across the country, allowing listeners to keep their thumb on the pulse of the future of agriculture.
    Listen here.

  2. Shark Farmer Podcast

    “An awesome podcast about farming and agriculture,” is how the tagline reads for this podcast and it’s accurate! A popular conversation about agriculture and the controversies that surround it in policies, innovation, and consumer concerns - this is a great podcast for those who want to stay “in the know” in the world of podcasting. Listen here.

  3. Keeping Ag Real Podcast

    Hostess Jenny Schweigert shows a real-life, point-of-view conversation about what it’s like to be in agriculture. This show isn’t just sweetened to the best of agriculture, however, it also includes the bad, the ugly and the controversial - this podcast is a way for you to stay connected outside of your region.

    Listen here.

Personal Development

  1. Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher

    While this podcast is not western related AT ALL, albeit she did interview legendary influencer and huntress Eva Shockey, Jenna Kutcher is a former corporate worker for Target who turned wedding photographer, then marketing guru, and then online coach. Her podcasts are filled with FREE tutorials, downloads and information on how to improve your marketing and story telling for your business, your side hustle, and your personal brand. It’s aimed at women, but guys - you can learn loads too!

    Listen here.

  2. AgGrad Live; 30 Under 30 by AgGrad

    The AgGrad Live’s 30 Under 30 by AgGrad can be consumed in a variety of ways with the first way being on Facebook Live where you are encouraged to tune in and ask questions. If your can’t make the live, however, don’t worry! You can subscribe to their podcast and learn about the top 30 people in agriculture before they hit their 30th birthday. Hosted by Tim Hammerich, his connection with some of the strongest young

people in agriculture, can help those in high school and college find future careers and learn tips about how to make the most of their college career.
Listen here.

3. Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield

This podcast isn’t necessarily for the faint of heart but for those with a side hustle or a business that is growing or ready for the next step, the Online Marketing Made Easy podcast features hostess Amy Porterfield. A former employee for Tony Robbins, Porterfield also worked for some of the biggest names in social media. Her skills are a high functioning intelligence and she’s going to share all her nitty gritty. She also breaks down her online courses to help you decide which online course will save you the most money AND make your business the most money in the long run.

Listen here.

Podcast Listening Tips

Now that you have figured out how to listen to podcasts and what podcasts are out there that might interest you, I encourage you to pick no more than three to check out to start. With those three, simply peruse their library of episodes and download a few single episodes that interest you personally. This will give you the opportunity to decide if you like the style of the show and the hosts. Find what your podcast listening style is!

Once you find a show that you like, subscribe to it so that all new shows are downloaded. From there, I recommend that you press and hold on the show (iOS) or click the three dots for “more information” (computers and Androids) and you can select “Play Next” or “Play Later.” Many shows upload new episodes at the start to middle of the week. When you go on, simple click “Play Later” to create a playlist queue of podcasts that you can begin playing as soon as you get in your car, step on the treadmill or head to the barn.

We can always be learning and podcasts are a great way to stay connected in the western lifestyle and connect you to more individuals through the web.

Happy Podcasting!

~ Katie Schrock ~ Western Insights Media

P.S. I love listening to podcasts but, I have to admit, it was hard for me to get into them at first. Once I did, however, it was clear sailing from there. I usually give a show five episodes before I will give up on it, and I enjoy finding new people to follow on social media from the shows! I currently manage most of the administrative, host and do all the production and uploading for the That Western Life podcast, and have two new podcasts coming your way! The first is Becoming Royal for my aspiring, interesting, potential, current, and past rodeo queens that I

produce. The second is the Ag Leader podcast to help those aspiring to learn more and stay up to date on the world of agriculture, equipping you to be the best ag leader you can be!

Photos Courtesy of: Denise Marie Photography (@denisemarie.photos)

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