Over Packing Overhaul: Staples That Go Day To Night Effortlessly

Hi Everyone! Andrea Thorp, aka, The Rodeo Mrs. here to drop a little outfit inspiration on the Kimes Ranch blog today.

I'll be the first to admit it: I'm a chronic over-packer. This is that moment when I defend myself saying there are way worse habits to have, don't you know how lucky you are? But all jokes aside, packing extra bags just in case you need more outfit choices can really get awkward and annoying when you don't have much space. It doesn't matter if you're hauling down the road with four people or taking a flight out to NFR in December - when space is limited, you have to pack smart.

I teamed up with Kimes Ranch Apparel to give you all some inspiration to make your outfit staples go from day to night, truck to rodeo performance effortlessly. That's right, no more thinking about that tenth outfit "option" you left back in your closet - it's all with you in one bag!


I love this pair of jeans because you can style them more than one way. While they are a boot cut, the relaxed fit makes them transformable into a cuffed boyfriend jean with little to no effort. Pair them with a Kimes graphic tee and you're set for a casual day. Roll them down, pair with some jewelry and you're set for a night out on the town.



Outfit 1 – Necklace: Lil Bee’s Bohemian, Flannel: L.L. Bean, Shoes: Ariat

Outfit 2: Tee: Hot Topic, Button Down: Cinch, Vest: Buckle, Shoes: Roper, Necklace: Lil Bee’s Bohemian


 Every closet needs a perfect pair of dark wash jeans, and these are it! The Francesca jean can go from day to night with it's perfect wash and fun stitching details. The tailored fit will give you the biggest bang for your buck with barely any effort. My first outfit pairs the Francesca with a flirty fringe number and some classic leather. You can catch me in my second outfit at any rodeo slack – a basic cold shoulder sweatshirt and aztec moccasins.



Outfit 1 – Tee: Twisted J Apparel, Necklace: Lil Bees Bohemian, Bracelets: G Rogers Design, Clutch: LOV Leathers, Boots: Ariat

Outfit 2 – Top: Target, Mocs: Roper Brand


One of the biggest trends in the last year is to sport western brands on clothing from hats to tees - a perfect way to wear the trend is with a logo tee from Kimes Ranch Apparel. They have so many styles, go ahead and over pack a little on this one - you can never have too many logo tees. (just trust me) I wanted to give you a few different looks here just to prove that logo tees are essential! In two of these looks, I paired my tee with a fun pair of palazzo pants and mixed up the accessories to give it a funky, laid back vibe. In my last outfit, I wanted to keep it super casual for the airport or roping pen!




 Outfit 1 – Hat: C.C., Vest: Scheels, Squash: Lil Bees Bohemian, Pants: Rock 47

Outfit 2 – Bolo: Baha Ranch Western Wear, Belt: Western Edge LTD., Pants: Wrangler, Clutch: LOV Leathers

Outfit 3 – Running Pants: Target, Shoes: Ariat


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