Meet the 2015 RodeoChat Pro Team

hey say that when you're motivated, and after a dream is when you conquer the world. Well, I didn't conquer the world last week. But, I did announce my 2015 RodeoChat Pro Team members! I'm SO excited about having a RodeoChat Pro Team! The RodeoChat pro team memers consists of Kyndra Taylor (Barrel Racer) , Shea Russell (Bull Rider) , Dalton Silvey (Bull Rider) , Austin Shirley (Team Roper) , and Jordan K. Lee (Bareback Rider)! The RodeoChat Pro Team is SO much different than any other team out there! Every single week I ask my team members a random question that I pick just out of the blue, and they answer it with a random picture of their choosing. Once they send their response back to me I create a little collage, and post it on Instagram! I feel like this is one way the fans can get to know my team on a personal level. But, that's not all.. Every Monday I post a weekend recap of the events my RodeoChat pro team competed at over the weekend. I'm a firm believer in the statement "Team Work Makes The Dream Work" and I believe that if you have a good team behind you 100% you will go far! Below, I have posted my Instagram page where you can stay in the know with all of my RodeoChat Pro Team Members! Also, if you have a question that you would like to know about my RodeoChat Pro Team Members feel free to leave it in the comments below OR send it to me in a message on Instagram! I'm always taking fan questions and I love hearing your guy's input!

Let's talk some bull riding and rodeo shall we?

This past weekend the PBR BFTS was in Seattle! In those two days they had round 1, 15/15 bucking battle, round 2 and the championship round. In Round 1 some guy's just got on one bull, but the other guy's weren't so lucky.. They had to get on two bulls in one day. A lot of the guy's on the PBR tour are SO used to getting on more than one bull a day, and some are learning to get on more bulls than one a day. In the PBR and rodeo industry you will never know how your bulls act each day. One day, your bull could be perfect and just smooth the next day.. Acts up, hits his hip on the chute and just goes wild an out. Stock Contractors could say the bull goes to the right or left but what if the bull doesn't? You just have to be prepared and ready to rock! Anyways, the winners from the PBR BFTS in Seattle are:

Round 1
Cooper Davis
89 Points on Big Cool

15/15 Bucking Battle
Joao Ricardo Vieira
89.75 Points On Cooper Tires Brown Sugar

Round 2
Valdiron De Oliveira
86.75 Points On Big Cool

Championship Round
Joao Ricardo Vieira
92.25 Points On Walk Off



The PBR BFTS will take the weekend off next weekend for Easter weekend. But, the PBR will be back in action in Nampa, Idaho on Apirl 11 - 12th, 2015! For more info, head on over to

Let's head on over to the PRCA Pro Rodeo Industry! This past weekend was the Ram National Circuit Finals in Florida! I wasn't at the event to catch it LIVE but my friends over at the Wrangler Network live-streamed the event for free! I felt like I was at the event LIVE in person cheering on my friends competing, but from the comfort from my own home. Lol, check out the winners from RNCFR below:

Bareback Riding - Steven Peebles, 88 points on Korkow Rodeos' Flaxy Lady
Steer Wrestling - Josh Peek, 4.8 Seconds
Team Roping - Drew Horner/Buddy Hawkins, 4.6 Seconds
Saddle Bronc Riding - Heith DeMoss, 87 points on Stace Smith Pro Rodeo's Goin South
Tie-Down Roping - Marty Yates, 6.9 Seconds
Barrel Racing - Carmel Wright, 16.42 Seconds
Bull Riding - Joe Frost, 72 Points on Rafter H Rodeo Livestock's Double Play

Another big Pro Rodeo that ended this past weekend was the Austin Rodeo! Below, is the list of Cowboys and Cowgirls that walked away from the Rodeo with a big smile of their face:

Bareback Riding - Clint Laye, 88 Points on Andrews Rodeo's Power Play
Steer Wrestling - Casey Martin, 4.4 Seconds
Team Roping - Derrick Begay/Clay O'Brien Cooper, 5.0 Seconds
Saddle Bronc Riding - Chuck Schmidt, 89 Points on Beutler & Son Rodeo's Killer Bee
Tie-Down Roping - Randall Carlisle and Morgan Grant, 8.0 Seconds
Barrel Racing - Michele McLeod, 15.21 Seconds
Bull Riding - No Qualified Rides

This is a wrap for this weeks RodeoChat blog post! I hope you all have and amazing rest of the week, and a very Happy Easter :)

Paige Gregory
Owner and Founder of RodeoChat

Cookeville, TN

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