Manic Mondays... Launching a new website


So last week was the official launch of our new website. We put blood sweat and tears into making a user-friendly interactive community on our site. The smallest details were not overlooked.  We made videos of our jeans so you could get the most realistic feel of what they look like on.  We had our amazingly talented photographer, Antonija Klotz, take a different approach to product shots making them more stylistic. As well she did all of the amazing images that grace each page when we had our big photo shoot in March. So we have been agonizing over which pictures to use where and how to best portray the company on a new light. We wanted to stand out from the western world by showing that not only is our product better but so is our outlook and our style. The finished product we hope you love!


We worked hard at creating a way to interact with our customers like through this very blog where I give you details on the inner workings of the company. Today we are setting up a shoot for our best butts blog where we are taking pictures of different behinds in all sorts of jeans and asking people to vote on their favorite. Of course we think we have a good shot at the title but you never know. We will post the results as they stand. Our policy is to be honest with our customer. We’re listening!!! Yesterday someone commented on one of our Facebook posts "Wranglers Better”, an obvious super fan of her brand. There are a number of things we could have done with this post, which seemingly might not have been the most positive comment for us. We could delete it, or ban the user (Facebook has these options) or we can applaud her and hope that one day our super fans make comments like that for us :) So, I thanked her and told her Wrangler was lucky to have her.  Her response, "love yours too”,  we may not have been her favorite but she still likes us :). The post remains. The point is, we are not censoring your likes and dislikes we are listening to what our customers want and then providing that in the best way that we can.


We are your company and you have a say.  If there is something you really wish we would make write it in the comments below!


Oh and I forgot to mention. This week we are adding hoodies, hats and stickers to the site!!! So hold on to your "Horns" ladies and gents because you won't be able to get enough of our new swag.


Much love.. Thanks for reading



Contact information for our amazing photographer Antonija:

[email protected]


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