Life Lessons On The Road

Whether you're a rancher, an equine vendor, a horse trainer, or just like to go to places unknown, you're bound to spend some time on the open road. Living life in hotel rooms, finding dive bars for cheap drinks and the best meal you may have ever had, it's all a part of the adventure right? But the other side to that adventure is being away from our homes, our families, our fur babies, and just the day to day life that sometimes bring us sanity. The balance for most road life travelers comes from learning to take the good with the bad. You take the good experiences, the good food, entertainment, and all the people you meet and you balance that against the times you miss your family, your bed, or even the obnoxious bark of your canine companion.

Recently I embarked on a new adventure that included life on the road, and let me tell ya, every day is a new day. I've learned to cohabitate with complete strangers that quickly became new friends, learned to try new things on the menu, enjoy that beer with dinner, and most importantly, how to just enjoy each day. Enjoying each day is very cliché, I can't lie to you about that.  I struggle to disconnect when I am in my day to day routine. But on the road, there's always something to be seen, or experienced that makes the disconnect much easier for me. Life on the road never goes as expected, and you have to learn how to just go with it, roll with the punches, and generally things will turn out alright. 

I've gotten to meet some very unique individuals, experience some of the best laughs I've ever had, but mostly, I've just gotten to enjoy a new adventure in my life. Not many people are lucky enough to get to spend their lives doing something they love, while meeting new people and experiencing new things. There’s three things you should never leave home without: an open mind, an ability to never meet a stranger, an ability to adapt to new situations. 

-Emily Bomgardne

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