It's Starting To Feel A Lot Like The Holidays!

What if Santa Clause really rode bucking horses? What if Santa Clause was an All-Around Cowboy? I guess will never know.. But, some of us like to think so. With that being said, it is LITERALLY my favorite time of the year. Not only is the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo just a matter of days away but Christmas is 4 weeks away and this year it's all about giving. A week before Thanksgiving I went through all of my clothes and shoes and I put bags together and gave the bags of clothes and shoes to some of my co-workers kids at work. The giving doesn't stop there... 

The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo is just days away! Literally, like 4 day's away.. 

I have my glittery notebook set ready. My gel pen set ready for TONS of note taking. 

What kind of notes will I be taking during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo?! 

I keep track of ALL the Rodeo Contestants scores and the roughstock as well.

As I'm working on a dream of raising bucking horses of my own it's very important to keep track of the stock. In my opinion.. So you know what your going up against. Not only that, but to figure out how you can stand out and create ideas on how to climb up the roughstock standings. 

I jot down little notes on how they market the National Finals Rodeo and what little boutiques are the most popular to check out in Las Vegas that have a booth set up at Cowboy Christmas. 

I chart and keep track of all of my social media sites that I have set up for RodeoChat.

From those numbers I track it gives me an idea of what content I need to push harder on RodeoChat and what content draws more followers and likes. I try REALLY hard to post different content on each social media site.

Since this Holiday is the season of giving.. I want to give you guy's an inside peak of how I take notes and how I keep them neat and clean. In others eyes, professional! RodeoChat, is a Woman owned business and I have to work 10 X times harder to show these other men that I can work just as hard if not harder than them! That's right Ladies we can do it!! Last year RodeoChat was the #1 Social Media Site for the Wrangler Nationals Finals Rodeo And The PBR Finals. I'll give you guy's an inside peak on how I made it happen with a full time job!

Here's where you can find out how I made it happen:

To keep up with RodeoChat on ALL Social Media during the WNFR. Click the links below:
PandaHAUS Rodeo: RodeoChat
SnapChat: RodeoChat

I'm the type of person that has to have music playing when I write a blog post. This weeks blog post was inspired by The Weeknd's NEW album " Starboy " that just came out this week.

My motivation for this week - I hope to make Women Of The Year in Glamour magazine one day with bucking horses and rodeo. 

With all this motivation and a brand new playlist I can't wait to get to work! Let's create some success y'all! I'll see you in a couple of days Vegas.. 

Paige Gregory

RodeoChat Owner And Founder

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