INFR & PandaHAUS Rodeo

Good Evening Everyone! It is currently midnight 11:12 PM on a Monday night here in Bighorn, MT. I always get excited for a brand new week and the opportunities that come with them. This week, I have been working on a brand new interview with PBR Bull Rider, Chad Besplug, and his new adventure " Alpha Bull " . Not to mention, this week I was contacted by " Two Parks Beadwork " out of Oklahoma about representing some of there beadwork in my video blogs and at the LIVE rodeos and bull ridings that I cover down the trail. Of course, I said yes because I'm a HUGE supporter of small businesses and women owned businesses. I think it's very important that other women in the western lifestyle industry should support each other.  

The title of this blog is INFR & PandaHAUS rodeo. Why? Well, these past couple of weeks I have been working hard on social media and marketing for the INFR. Helping the INFR get on the map, and helping some of the rodeo cowboys and cowgirls in the INFR build a fan base and get there name out there more. During the INFR tour rodeo at Crow Fair i reached out to every rodeo contestant that I knew was competing at the INFR tour rodeo in Crow Agency, MT. Within minutes of sharing video content on Instagram and SnapChat I had over a thousand in views and about 100 + new followers with every new post that I made. Comments came in asking about the rodeo contestants and where they'll be riding at next. I think it's very important that the INFR gets the media exposure that they deserve. All the photos that I posted online within a couple days of the event so many fans of the INFR were SO happy to see the media exposure that they were getting. To see some of the photos and videos please check out RodeoChat's page on Instagram, here -- >

PandaHAUS Rodeo! If you haven't heard the news already I'm an official ambassador of PandaHAUS rodeo. The official app for the Western Lifestyle industry. Every Wednesday on PandaHAUS rodeo I do a series called " 10 Questions on PandaHAUS Rodeo with ____ . So far I have featured Mike Solberd ( Canadian PRCA Bareback Rider ) , Clay Ramone ( INFR Bareback Rider ) , Callie Otoupalik ( Breakaway Roper ), and this week I'll be featuring Chad Besplug ( President Of Alpha Bull ) . To see all of the interview you must download the app PandaHAUS rodeo on your smartphone and follow RodeoChat. It's a mobile app that can only be used from your phone! So far, I've had nothing but great feedback from my little interviews that I do every Wednesday and I continue to explore PandaHAUS rodeo and look for that next creative idea. Until then, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and move up the ladder one day at a time.

This week, on RodeoChat's snapchat channel Austin Singley ( Rodeo Entertainer ) will be taking over our snapchat channel taking you all behind the scenes of the Cody Nite Rodeo finals in Cody, Wyoming! Follow along by adding us on SnapChat - RodeoChat

Until next time,

Paige Gregory
Owner And Founder Of RodeoChat
Bighorn, MT
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