Horse Flicks

So it’s Friday night and my girlfriends and I are hanging out at my friend’s apartment. We are sipping on some delicious Pinot Grigio and chatting about the weekend we will be spending at the Minnesota Horse Expo and the PRCA Rodeo we will be attending tomorrow. This reminded me of the movie I saw last weekend called The Longest Ride starring Scott Eastwood and Britt Roberston and I had to tell them all about it. I was struggling with what to write for my blog this week and after that conversation I just knew…horse movies!!

I bet almost every horse lover has seen Black Beauty. It is one of those classics that will be around for a long time. Black Beauty is a 1994 movie based on a novel by Anna Sewell. It is told from the perspective of the horse and is based on his life from a colt through all the hardships that occur.




The movies Seabiscuit and Secretariat are based on true stories about racehorses with the same names. Some of my favorite movies are true stories and when it’s about horses, how could it be any better! Seabiscuit is the always beloved underdog who overcomes adversity and beats the favorite War Admiral. With stars like Tobey Maguire and Jeff Bridges how could you go wrong? The movie Secretariat follows another racehorse that helps a daughter cope with the death of her father. She believes in this unlikely Triple Crown winner.




The Longest Ride is the movie I mentioned earlier. It just recently was released in theatres and it is based on a Nicholas Sparks book. I went into it thinking that is was going to be a really cheesy and annoying movie. Although it was pretty cheesy, I did really enjoy the story. The movie follows a professional bull rider who has to make some tough decisions and meets some inspiring people along the way. I would really recommend it to anyone who has not seen it yet. 



Another one of my all time favorites is Hidalgo, a throwback to the classic westerns where a downtrodden cowboy takes his horse to Arabia to compete in a dangerous cross desert horse race.  Frank Hopkins races his mustang horse against other purebred Arabian horses.


This last movie I have never seen but my BFF Lauren thinks it’s pretty great. Flicka stars Tim McGraw and is a touching story about a young girl and the unique bond she shares with her wild mustang. It portrays the true meaning between horse and human.


If your looking for a little horsey nostalgia, grab some barn buddies, kick off your cowboy boots and curl up with one of these classic films.

Share with us some of your favorite horse films #horseflicks #movienight




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