Horse Camping Made Easy

Last week I wrote about different conversions for your horse trailer that can make horse camping easier on you, well this week I thought I would touch base on some ways to make horse camping easier on your horse!

Ways to pack all of the “goods”:

  • In the bed of your truck
  • In the tack room, dressing room, or living quarters
  • Hay Rack storage

Ways to pack feed:

  • Rolling hay bale bag
  • Compressed bales
  • Hay Cubes
  • Hay Pellets

Water tankWays to pack water:

  • Place a trash bag in a container, fill with water and secure.
  • Call ahead to verify if there is drinking water near your campsite

Ways to shelter/secure horses:

  • Hi-line to trailer or tree
  • “Pop-up” panels that secure to your trailer
  • Tying to trailer
  • Tarp with posts attached to your horse trailer to help offer weather protection for horses
  • Shavings to help soak up urine and spilled water buckets

Ways to be extra prepared: (Bring extras of these)

  • Halters/Leads
  • Baling twine
  • Buckets
  • First Aid kit horse and human
  • Small tool kit

-Emily Bomgardner


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